Franchise Customer Service Spurs Growth

Practicing honesty and integrity in business makes a difference and it has helped build a loyal and growing customer base for franchise owners. This is why franchise customer service is a critical part of our model, and your success.

There’s an old saying in carpentry: Measure twice, cut once. It means that if you take care to get things right up front, the work will be up to par. That’s one of the guiding principles on which the Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise brand was founded and it’s why the network continues to expand.

“Office Pride is a very transparent business,” says Rich Helm, Franchise Development Manager. “We are very open and honest with our franchise owners because that falls in line with our core beliefs. They then treat their customers with the same direct communication and respect. The results have been very positive for us over time, in terms of growth.”

Commitment to excellence retains clients

Every Office Pride cleaning franchise operates under a set of core beliefs that includes honoring God, always doing what is right and demonstrating honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic. That means going above and beyond to do the job well – the first time. It’s a very simple approach but it’s one that most clients aren’t used to seeing.

“Many commercial cleaning franchises will just go in, do the minimum and send a bill,” Helm says. “That has never been the Office Pride way. We know that doing a great job will help us build business because we’ve seen that work time and again over the years. And doing a job right makes everyone on the franchise team, as well as the customer, feel good about the relationship. That means customers recommend us to other business owners, which results in new opportunities and more revenue for franchise owners.”

Training helps resolve difficult situations

Even so, sometimes problems come up. For instance, a new cleaning team member might miss something on a job and the customer calls the next day to ask what happened. When that happens, an Office Pride cleaning franchise owner knows exactly what to do.

“To put it simply, they make it right,” Helm says. “Part of our training around customer service is to engage in active listening, hear the issue and then resolve it. By not arguing, but by apologizing and then fixing the problem, the way our franchise customer service taught them to, at at that point a customer sees that owners mean what they say. Again, it’s an amazing way to honor our core beliefs and create a happy customer who will speak positively about us in the business community.”

For more than 27 years, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a faith-based franchise system has offered entrepreneurs a proven business system, comprehensive support network and a lucrative financial opportunity – plus the ability to live your faith through your own business and make a difference in your community.

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