A Team Dedicated to Your Success

Our mission as a franchisor is to positively impact people and workplaces by equipping the next generation of business owners. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping franchisees pursue their dreams of owning a business that will provide a strong return on investment and set them up for long-term success.

Our Community

As a faith-based business, we’re motivated by the opportunity to live out our core values while serving the community around us. We do this by ensuring the safety, security, and health of local businesses nationwide.

Our Culture

Your success and satisfaction as a franchisee are our top priorities. When you succeed, we all do. That’s why we’re committed to investing in entrepreneurs from all walks of life, providing necessary support and resources along the way.

Meet the Team

Doug Phillip, Office Pride Franchise Team

Doug Phillip

Chief Executive Officer

Doug oversees all daily operations and, together with the executive leadership team, forms long-term strategies for corporate growth and franchisee success. His goal is to help people own and grow a commercial cleaning franchise using the Office Pride franchise model and applying biblical principles to business.

Jeff McMullen, Office Pride Franchise Team

Jeff McMullen

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff oversees Office Pride’s accounting, finance, billing services and information technology departments at the corporate headquarters. He advises the CEO on long-term financial forecasting, budgets and financial planning to ensure the financial liquidity, strength and growth of the franchise system.

Sean Ayres Square, Office Pride Franchise Team

Sean Ayres

Chief Operating Officer

Sean oversees Office Pride’s operations, marketing, franchise development, and training teams at the corporate headquarters. He develops long-term business strategies and policies to promote corporate culture and vision and foster high performance, while maintaining focus on Office Pride’s franchisees and customers. 

James Hopkins, Office Pride Franchise Team

James Hopkins

Vice President of Corporate Finance

James oversees accounting for the Office Pride corporate entity. He assists the CFO and other departments by providing accurate and timely financials and data to make informed decisions or strategic improvements.

Hiram Rodriguez, Office Pride Franchise Team

Hiram Rodriguez, CBSE

Director of Operations

Hiram oversees the operations team. Together, they support Office Pride franchisees by training, coaching and helping each franchisee maximize performance. Their objective is to help franchisees achieve their goals so they can fulfill their vision plans.

Acey Ignacio, Office Pride Franchise Team

Acey Ignacio

Franchise Business Coach

Amy Jackson, Office Pride Franchise Team

Amy Jackson

Learning and Development Coordinator

Celeste GIbson, Office Pride Franchise Team

Celeste Gibson

Director of Human Resources

Chelly Mulse, Office Pride Franchise Team

Chelly Muise

Franchise Business Coach

Holly Ellis, Office Pride Franchise Team

Holly Ellis


Jay Sojdehei, Office Pride Franchise Team

Jay Sojdehei

Director of Corporate Development

Jeff Stucki, Office Pride Franchise Team

Jeff Stucki

IT Systems Coordinator

Joe Ross, Office Pride Franchise Team

Joe Ross

Vice President of Franchise Development

John Selkow, Office Pride Franchise Team

John Selkow

Director of Integration

Kim Mastin, Office Pride Franchise Team

Kim Mastin

Billing Services Manager

Manny Carasco, Office Pride Franchise Team

Manny Carrasco

Marketing and Branding Manager

Scott Ramsey, Office Pride Franchise Team

Scott Ramsey

Franchise Business Coach

Sergio de Oliveira Square, Office Pride Franchise Team

Sergio De Oliveira

Manager of Business Development

Tifton Coleman, Office Pride Franchise Team

Tifton Coleman

Franchise Development Manager

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