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Why a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

A commercial cleaning franchise with Office Pride offers a recession-resistant business model tailored to those who aspire to build a legacy while positively impacting their community. 

Here’s why you should consider this opportunity:

  • Stability in a Growing Market: Commercial cleaning is a necessary service for businesses across all sectors. It continues to thrive, even during economic downturns, offering franchise owners a stable and reliable income stream.
  • Proven Business Model: Office Pride has established a proven track record as a cleaning franchise brand that provides extensive support and training. This system is designed to maximize efficiency and profitability, giving franchisees a clear path to success.
  • Community and Support: When you join Office Pride, you’re not just starting a business; you’re joining a community. The network of fellow franchisees and the experienced corporate team provides diligent support and mentorship, making it easier to overcome business challenges.
  • Commitment to Core Values: Office Pride stands out for its commitment to core values, including integrity and respect, which are reflected in all aspects of the business. This commitment creates a positive work environment and is attractive to clients seeking dependable and ethical service.
  • Flexible Growth Opportunities: Our cleaning franchise brand model is designed to allow you to grow at your own pace. Whether you wish to manage a small team or aspire to build a large operation, Office Pride supports your growth aspirations with scalability in mind.
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What Makes Us Unique

Unprecedented Support

With a network of support that understands what it’s like to start your own cleaning business, Office Pride has earned high satisfaction ratings among franchise owners for one primary reason: we put our franchisees first.

Recession-Resistant Industry

Explore an unparalleled cleaning business opportunity designed to withstand economic downturns, ensuring stability and growth even in challenging financial conditions.

Proven Business Model

An adaptable cleaning business structure that allows you to grow at your own pace, giving you the freedom to expand and evolve based on your own aspirations and goals.

Our Mission Is To

“Honor God by positively impacting people and workplaces.”

Dr. Karockas Watkins “Doc Rock”, President and CEO of Ability Plus Inc.
Office Pride offers aspiring cleaning business entrepreneurs a proven pathway to success. Our comprehensive support system, tailored coaching, and growth-oriented business structure empower you to confidently step into business ownership.

Success Looks Like You

The Office Pride Advantage

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, navigating the complexities of starting a new cleaning business can be daunting. Whether it’s a lack of experience, securing funding, or learning a new market, the stress of unknown variables can keep even the most prepared entrepreneurs from living out their dreams.

At Office Pride, we have a proven track record of recognizing these challenges and helping commercial cleaning entrepreneurs overcome them. Our personalized approach aims to alleviate the pressure by surrounding you with a comprehensive support system of people just like you. Together, we help you overcome challenges, turn obstacles into opportunities, and pave the way for you to own a business that thrives.

Franchise Ownership Opportunity

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Initial Investment & Startup Costs

An Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise involves some initial investments, but rest assured, these are made much more manageable with our structured support and resources. 

Further, a 25% discount on the franchise fee is offered to honorably discharged U.S. military veterans.

Initial Franchise Fee:

$45,000, which is a standard entry cost for new franchisees.

Startup Cost Range

The total expenditure needed ranges from $80,400 to $126,600.

The financial commitment required to start an Office Pride franchise is substantial, but our structured approach makes it accessible.

Nonetheless, franchisees are advised to keep aside six to nine months’ worth of personal living expenses to cover the initial phase.

A Reputation That's earned

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To start your commercial cleaning business with Office Pride, submit your inquiry through our website. Our dedicated team will guide you through the detailed process, from understanding the cleaning business model to securing financing and training. We will also equip you with the necessary tools and support to launch and sustain a successful cleaning business in your community.
Starting a franchise with Office Pride typically involves an initial investment that includes franchise fees of $45,000, equipment purchases ($3000-$7000), initial marketing expenditures, and other expenses. The total cost to get started varies from $80,400 – $126,600. However, exact financial requirements will be outlined during your initial consultation with us. We make sure you are well-prepared to meet all financial aspects of launching your franchise.
The monthly revenue for an Office Pride franchise can vary widely based on several factors, such as market size, the number of contracts, operational efficiency, and local demand. While specific figures are discussed during the financial planning phase, Office Pride provides consistent support and strategic guidance to help you maximize your revenue potential and achieve sustainable business growth.
No prior cleaning experience is necessary to start an Office Pride franchise. We welcome entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and provide comprehensive training in all aspects of the business, from cleaning techniques to customer service and management. Our ongoing support ensures you have the knowledge and resources needed to run and grow your commercial cleaning business successfully.

Yes, commercial cleaning franchises like Office Pride are profitable. They benefit from consistent demand across various industries, which creates a stable source of income. Office Pride’s proven business model, coupled with strong market resilience and ongoing support, helps franchisees achieve high operational efficiency and profitability. This recession-resistant business model offers an opportunity to generate significant revenue and build a prosperous enterprise.