Becoming an Owner

Office Pride ownership is more than just a side hustle. An Office Pride franchise is a full-time leadership and business-building role. That’s why we’re looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to dedicate themselves to something special.

Want to know if that’s you? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Tifton Coleman to discuss expectations and see if you’re the right fit.

3 Ways to Become an Owner

New Development

Start a brand new Office Pride franchise. Enjoy the unique opportunity to build your business from the ground up.

Existing Opportunity

Purchase an Office Pride franchise from the current owner. Hit the ground running with this turnkey franchise opportunity. Everything you need to succeed is already in place for you. Contact us to discuss existing opportunities.


Convert your current independent business into an Office Pride franchise. You will maintain business ownership while gaining the unmatched systems, support, buying power, and community of Office Pride.

How to Become a Franchisee

Our six-step onboarding process is designed to be completed within four to eight weeks.

1. Discover

In our first meetings, we’ll learn about your interests, goals, and, most importantly, your “why.” Our development team will act as guides to people and resources within our community.

2. Explore

Get to know the Office Pride offering and opportunity through video calls. We’ll cover the topics that are important to your success, including training, and support. After our call, we’ll provide a link to our third-party profile assessment and our Franchise Disclosure Document.

3. Review

We believe in utilizing data whenever possible. In this meeting, we’ll discuss the results of the profile assessment. We’ll confirm any positive impressions or address any concerns that may arise. We’ll also review the Franchise Disclosure Document together, ensuring you feel comfortable and addressing any questions.

4. Validate

By this time, you will likely be itching to confirm what you’ve learned and speak with franchisees. We hope you’ll experience the Office Pride family’s professionalism, caring and collaborative nature during these conversations.

5. VIP Day

Before moving forward, future owners meet our headquarters team in Palm Harbor, FL. We believe in meeting face-to-face, sharing a meal, and evaluating the synergy and mutual excitement.

6. Award

Congratulations! You’re now a business owner. Immediately after signing and funding, we’ll coordinate your training and begin your onboarding with your dedicated support team. Welcome to the Office Pride family!

Get More Information

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