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How It Works with Office Pride Commercial Cleaning
Clarity, Spot-On Assessment

Faith-Based Values

Rooted in faith and guided by Biblical principles, Office Pride is committed to ethical business practices and on a mission to act with integrity, serve with humility, and treat everyone with unwavering respect.

The Best Franchise Path for Veterans

Office Pride has been named one of the best franchises for military veterans by Entrepreneur Magazine and Franchise Business Review, highlighting our commitment to providing outstanding opportunities for those who have served.

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How To Become a Franchisee

A streamlined process designed to be completed in four to eight weeks.

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1. Discover

Our development team acts as a guide, connecting you with people and resources within our community and helping you discover your “why.”

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2. Explore

Through a series of video calls, you’ll become more familiar with what Office Pride has to offer and begin a third-party profile assessment.


3. Review

We meet to review your profile assessment, affirm our positive impressions, address concerns, and answer any lingering questions you might have.


4. Validate

By now, you’re ready to confirm what you’ve learned through conversations with other franchisees and experience the caring and collaborative nature of our team.


5. Visit

Before we reach the end of the onboarding process, you’ll meet some of our team face-to-face in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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6. Award

You’re officially a business owner! After signing and funding, we’ll coordinate your training and make connections with your dedicated support team.

Life As An Office Pride Franchise Owner