Our Business System

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Our Business System

Your franchise business plan starts with your vision

Office Pride has a proven business system that establishes a path and direction for each startup franchise. This helps you, the new business owner, create a complete business plan that encompasses every aspect of your business. That way, you will know what you need to do, from day one. We will work with you to complete this process before you attend training.

Franchise Vision Plan (FVP)

The FVP’s purpose is for you to draft a plan for achieving your personal and business goals. It is a detailed description – a road map – to achieving your future business and personal goals one, five and 10 years from now.  This franchise business plan gives clarity to “big picture” details and creates synergy between your short and long-term goals.

FasTrack to Profit (FasTrack)

Our FasTrack program establishes key financial milestones and the plan to profitability as quickly as possible. We define profitability as earnings above and beyond all business expenses including an owner’s salary.

Lead Generation Action Plan (L-GAP)

Your top priority on day one of business is to acquire customers. This means you have to develop a sales lead pipeline. L-GAP defines the sales, marketing and networking activities needed to efficiently and effectively promote your business in your local market area.

Customer Development System (CDS)

The Office Pride CDS helps you maximize each step of the sales process to make sure you convert the highest possible number of sales leads to profitable, long-term customers.

Operations Management System (OMS)

As an independent business owner, it is essential to maximize your time and productivity. Our OMS is a support system designed to help you effectively manage day-to-day operations. Our initial training program and practical training in your service area with an Office Pride Certified Trainer; peer groups, online forums and franchise business coaching; and our online Learning Center and other support tools can help simplify your life so you can concentrate more on growing your business and achieving your goals.

The Vine

The Vine is a digital resource center, available 24/7, where you can keep informed of corporate initiatives, communicate with other business owners, and access resources to help manage your business finances, operations and sales activities.

  • Intranet: View corporate announcements, the document library, communicate online with other franchisees and more.
  • Learning Center: Access online educational materials for your employees and you, including human resources tools.
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): Manage leads and customer contacts, set up email campaigns, send email blasts, run reports and more.
  • Billing Services: Access and manage financial documents, customer invoices, forms and financial reporting.
  • Company Store: Order corporate marketing flyers, brochures, apparel and promotional items for your business.

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