How Big Is the Commercial Cleaning Industry?

Being the best, not the biggest, is a competitive advantage in a thriving market

Commercial cleaning business opportunities are attractive for entrepreneurs — there’s little overhead, the earnings potential is great, and there are billions of square feet of office space in the U.S. that need to be cleaned. That’s why the potential for success with Office Pride is real — and boundless.

Office Pride is squarely in the center of that landscape. More than 135 franchise owners are capitalizing on the many opportunities available to them, securing new business every day.

“That’s why Office Pride doesn’t have exclusive territories. There’s no need,” says Gerry Henley, Executive Vice President. “It’s not unusual for us to have three, four, five, even 10 franchises in a given market area. There’s plenty of business to go around, and in those markets they can work together and create a more regional presence: One franchisee might get a regionally-based account, and then they partner with other franchisees in the market to help serve that client.”

Commercial cleaning is a recession-resistant business

Office Pride also succeeds because the commercial cleaning industry will be needed regardless of economic conditions. Even during downturns, offices and businesses need to be cleaned. Business owners, for the sake of their employees and customers, have to maintain a certain level of cleanliness. They want a trusted vendor who will treat them ethically and fairly, and that’s why they gravitate to Office Pride.

Consider these other differentiators:

  • Commercial cleaning is an established industry. There’s no need to “pioneer” your services.
  • Commercial cleaning is not geographically dependent. Every geographic area, rural or metropolitan, every city large or small, regardless of the population or demographics, has a huge business base.
  • Commercial clients tend to be small- to medium-size companies. These are more loyal customers, are easier to build personal relationships with and offer high profit margins. They allow creation of a more stable foundation of accounts and cash flow, which provides the business growth that makes it easier to acquire and serve larger accounts.
  • Commercial cleaning provides a predictable income. Office Pride franchise owners enjoy a monthly income that’s predictable based on the current account mix, and they grow it through adding new accounts, special services and periodic floor care.
  • Office Pride provides scalable growth. Because you control your own growth, you can add new customers on your own timetable.

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