How is Office Pride Different from its Competitors?

Office Pride is the brand trusted by franchisees and customers alike

Many office cleaning customers are very unhappy with their current cleaning company.

If you’ve ever used a cleaning service, this is probably how it went down: On the first two or three visits, they did a phenomenal job. And then they did a good job; sometimes just a pretty good job. Things started getting sloppy. Maybe they started missing appointments. Frustrated, you decided to go with someone else and switched the first time a different company called on you. Chances are, the sequence repeated itself.

Customer unhappiness is standard stuff in the commercial cleaning industry. And whether the cleaners are mom-and-pop organizations or established brands, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Job performance is all over the map. Some do well, some don’t. And the problem is, people just don’t know who to trust.

Trust is not an issue with Office Pride

Because of our systems, training, reputation and commitment to customer service, customers know we’re a brand they can always trust. We treat our franchisees with respect, they treat their employees with respect, and the employees treat our customers with respect.

If you compare Office Pride to other commercial cleaning franchises, some differences emerge. Some franchises don’t let their franchisees sell their own contracts. They sell the accounts and then require franchisees to pay royalties on those accounts. The contracts are written to favor the franchisor, and the accounts can be taken away as the franchisor sees fit. In some cases, the franchisor underbids the account to get the business, which guarantees them royalty fees but undercuts the franchisee’s profit potential. That’s a scary proposition for franchisees and is considered by many to be an abusive business model.

Some of our competitors sell franchises by the unit. The appeal there is that the cost of entry is low, often under $10,000. But it’s difficult to get much return on your investment when your contract is on the 7th floor, someone else has a contract on the floor above you and someone else has the two floors above that. That kind of business model pits franchisee against franchisee, and we see no need for that in such a recession-resistant industry.

Office Pride doesn’t sell your customers. We teach you how to sell commercial cleaning services. It is certainly true that some people would rather focus on other parts of the business rather than sales, but once trained our franchisees find selling our brand, our services and our philosophy of achieving total customer satisfaction make selling Office pride easy and fun. The important thing is that Office Pride is there to support our franchise owners. When you join our family, we provide sales training and go with you on your first calls so you’re confident enough to do it on your own. We recognize that our success depends on how successful you are.

What Makes Commercial Cleaning Business Opportunities with Office Pride Unique?Pic 21

Commercial cleaning business opportunities are attractive for entrepreneurs — there’s little overhead, the earnings potential is great, and there are billions of square feet of office space in the U.S. that need to be cleaned. Franchises make up only 5 percent of the commercial cleaning industry. And among those franchises, Office Pride is proud of its reputation as a faith-based commercial cleaning franchise. Let’s look at some of the things that make us stand out from the crowd.

We believe it starts with our Mission Statement:

Honor and glorify God by building mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees, vendors, and franchisees and fulfilling our promise of providing top quality janitorial services through men and women committed to honesty, integrity and hard work.

Then it continues with our Core Beliefs:

  • Honor God

  • Always do what is right

  • Increase brand value

  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic

  • Total customer satisfaction

  • Go the extra mile

  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude

  • Accountability to commitments

We practice what we preach. We don’t just say we’re a faith-based business, slap a Christian fish symbol on a bumper sticker and then indulge in unsavory business dealings and situational ethics. We openly share our core beliefs and values, and chief among them is that we always take the high road when dealing with customers, vendors, and employees. We won’t sell out one for the sake of making the other happy. Dignity and respect are afforded to everyone in the business opportunities we offer Honesty is a necessity. We try to honor God in everything we do.

We believe for your business to be sustainable, you must be trained in every area of success, including sales, operations, hiring, employee management, strategic planning, financial management, and more. We know that to ensure the most success you will need coaching on an ongoing basis.

We are not a “train and go” franchise system. Our training incorporates a lot of on-the-job training. We like to look at this training as “customized coaching.” Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. While we build on your strengths, we concentrate on improving your weaknesses. Your success is our success!

As an Office Pride franchisee you will have the assistance of a team of professionals 24/7 devoted to your success. When you become an Office Pride business owner, you receive all the support you would need to learn, run, and grow your operation effectively and efficiently. This includes ongoing marketing support, extensive training, telemarketing and sales support, a dedicated corporate service center  franchise support staff, and significant vendor discounts.

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