Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services Franchisee Reviews

Office Pride attracts those with entrepreneurial spirits who share our beliefs on being honest, respectful, and always doing the right thing. Sharing core values is one of the reasons why our franchisees are so happy and successful. In fact, Office Pride has one of the highest franchisee owner satisfaction rates according to Franchise Business Review, an independent source of franchise research. Check out some of the testimonials below.

Kevin & Julie McAdoo Reviews

We are both Retired Air Force. One thing that I really liked about Office Pride was its commitment to their core values. When we were in the Air Force, we also had core values: integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do. I had a commander who also added two more: mission first, and the mission is the people. His point was that if you took care of your people, they would take care of the mission. I still wholeheartedly believe that! Office Pride has very similar values about integrity and customer service and doing what is right and what is best. It’s not about the almighty dollar, it’s about doing what’s right for every party involved, not just the owners or bending over backwards for the customer at the expense of the employee. I felt Office Pride set up that scenario best with their faith-based principles.
– Kevin & Julie McAdoo – Tampa, FL

Scott & Carmen Ramsey Reviews

We started a commercial cleaning company with the urging of Scott’s co-worker, in 2003 to get Carmen out of a dead-end job. After a year as an independent company, a ministry friend of Scott’s encouraged us to check out Office Pride. We were able to convert our business and acquire an Office Pride franchise in 2004. Timing is everything and everything in His time! For Office Pride franchisees the sky’s the limit… thanks to the support, the culture, the training and the fellowship we have been blessed with through Todd Hopkins, his corporate staff and our fellow franchisees!
– Scott & Carmen Ramsey – Terre Haute, IN

Mike & Connie Jackson Reviews

I graduated from Regent University with a BS in Business after spending 22 years and retiring as a Navy Senior Chief. I actually started my Office Pride franchise while I was studying for my bachelor’s degree. I love the impact I can have on the people that work with me. Being a Christian, this is a great ministry. When potential clients go on our website, they see it’s professionally designed. They see the Scripture, and they see our core values. It gives them a sense of security. They know someone from Office Pride will take care of their building, they know our employees won’t steal from them and they know we’ll resolve issues quickly. Those are some of the things I use as a selling point. There’s a reason why we’re growing so fast. We do things above and beyond what a lot of other companies would do.
– Mike & Connie Jackson – Richmond, VA

Steve & Amber Smith

We started our own cleaning company in 2001 and in 2008 joined Office Pride. Todd Hopkins had been advising us long before we became a franchisee and as he helped us, we saw the value in a franchise system that could help us in all facets of our business. The Office Pride culture is one of integrity, honesty and hard work while being family oriented and Christ centered.
– Steve & Amber Smith – Visalia, CA

Gary Chandler Reviews

I was a regional sales manager for a Fortune 200 industrial manufacturer overseeing 14 district sales managers, where I managed about $120 million in annual revenue. I chose Office Pride because of the power of the brand, the talent of the senior management and the high level of respect I have for all the individuals who are a part of the corporation.
– Gary Chandler – Fredrick, MD

David & Stella Stein Reviews

The thing that’s good about Office Pride is Todd is very careful not to over-saturate an area. Whenever we have new franchisees, we encourage them to Google ‘Office Pride’ for complaints and lawsuits. You just don’t see anything. With a lot of others, you do. That tends to happen because of oversold expectations, which leads to unhappy franchisees… You can put a lot of franchisees out there, but if the majority of them are failing, it doesn’t do any good.
– David & Stella Stein, Tyler, TX

Dean & Nancy Riesterer

In the corporate world today, it’s just scary. The moral character is getting rough. We thought…we want to honor God in this business. We totally gave it up to Him and will do whatever we can do to serve Him. I think we really back the integrity. We practice what we preach, and we truly want to go the extra mile and please our customers.
– Dean & Nancy Riesterer, Ft. Wayne, IN

Julie Hirschauer Reviews

During the recession, I grew more than I ever have. I’m primarily serving that small- to medium-sized business. If you think about it, the small business owner went through the recession and had a tough time. Many closed their doors, had to let folks go, and had to downsize operations. What I think happened is they looked at cutting things and realized, ‘I need to reward myself in one place.’ So they didn’t cut us. Dust and dirt did not recede in the recession nor did the need for businesses to maintain a clean, safe, healthy environment for their employees and customers.
– Julie Hirschauer, Shelbyville, IN

Chris & Kim Middleton Reviews

I felt Office Pride was more focused on the success of their franchisees rather than just selling franchises… That was a big selling point for me.
– Chris & Kim Middleton, Noblesville, IN

What were you looking for in a franchise and what attracted you to Office Pride?

  • Business 2 Business, local-only (no travel), infinitely scalable, enabled opportunity for local civic involvement, lots of husband/wife owner teams, cultural fit. Liz & Jeremy Powers
  • I wanted to invest more in a legacy and use my skills and expertise to build something for myself and not be another faceless tool to further someone else’s agenda. Lee Weeks
  • When we found Office Pride, we were looking for systems and best practices and a span brand that would help us sidestep a lot of the ‘rookie mistakes’ so we could get about the business of building a business rather than reacting to the unknown. Julie McAdoo
  • I was looking for a business that could grow and become something I could run, not do the work. I was attracted to Office Pride at first because of the boldness of the faith. I also liked the industry as I looked into it and realized that most of the other companies were not nearly the quality that Office Pride was. Rodney Lie
  • I immediately was attracted to the company culture and then the business model made so much sense and was easy to understand. David Burks
  • We were looking for a business that had the same values as we did. A company that was well established and had good systems in place. A franchise that didn’t just sign you up and leave you. We wanted to be involved and have the training we knew we needed. Andre & Karie Truitt

Why did you choose to join the Office Pride franchise family?

  • I could see the potential and loved the support. Lyle Squires
  • The Biblical principles and integrity the company is founded on. Everything we saw was and still is truly practiced by Office Pride as a company. Dean & Nancy Reisterer
  • Ultimately, it was the foundation of faith on which this company was built. Mitch & Kris Lareau
  • A proven success and all the other owners care about each other. I thought it was the best value for our money to be invested in. Jeff Lyons
  • I joined because the culture of OP is the same as the one I was trying to create in my own business. It’s a family oriented franchise that knows if its’ franchisees succeed, than OP as a whole will succeed. Bill Staggs
  • The Office Pride values aligned well with my beliefs and values. Unlike most other companies, there was no pressure for me to sign up. Abigail Ogbe

What has been your most positive parts of your Office Pride experience thus far?

  • Hands down the culture. Not just because Office Pride markets itself as a faith based company, but because Office Pride IS a faith based company. Office Pride has been there through it all and seeks to understand how it can help “arm” its franchisees with the tools and support they need. It feels like family. Scott & Carmen Ramsey
  • Providing jobs, contributing to my community, freedom to help where I see fit without corporate constraints, providing solutions for our customers and flexibility of my own time. Lee Weeks
  • I get the chance to make people’s lives better every day from my employees that I get to pay, to my clients that I get to improve their workplace. Rodney Lie
  • The ability to have our own business that has offered unlimited potential to support us now and for retirement. The incredible family environment, friendships we have established and constant support Office Pride has offered to us! Dean & Nancy Reisterer
  • The care and support provided by corporate office. As an independently owned franchise, it would be very easy to get overlooked as the franchise system grows. But any time that I expressed a need for additional training or support, corporate leadership has not hesitated to make sure that I have the needed resources to be successful. Amazing! Mitch & Kris Lareau
  • The most positive part of being an owner is that I am able to help others. I work with several organizations in my area hiring special needs individuals. It has been such a blessing for me to be able to make a difference in someone else’s life. I also enjoy the fellowship with other OP owners and the support we get from corporate. Roger & Sheri Marshall
  • Winning new business, the annual retreats, and everything that the brand does to help us to be successful. Ira Jackson

Would you recommend owning an OP franchise to others and why?

  • I definitely would. It’s 100% up to me to be successful, but I know support is there when I need it. Corporate leaders don’t just sit around waiting to count the deposits. They are actively working to move the business forward by improving systems and processes. It was important for me to align myself with a brand I could be proud of and I have that with Office Pride. Lee Weeks
  • Yes! If you don’t mind hard work and want a franchise with an excellent reputation in the marketplace and a recession-proof business, Office Pride offers an incredible opportunity for owning your own business! Dean & Nancy Reisterer
  • Most definitely! The support of the corporate office is mind-blowing and the “family-oriented community” of the company has increased our faith thru others, as well as sharing with others. Brad & Jamie Lynn Andler
  • Being part of a franchise is a way to have a business without trying to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel. One has the support of an entire system that is kind, loving and truly invests in their development and cares about their success. Owning a business is tough, and if we hadn’t had the support of OP corporate, our area developers, or other OP owners, we more than likely would not have a business. The culture, passion and vision of this company is something I am not aware of in most franchise systems. It is refreshing to have leadership that is first, committed to God and second, that is committed to each franchise owner. Roger & Sheri Marshall
  • Yes I would because Corporate is unbelievable. They never stop supporting the franchisees. Everyone is like one big family. Jeff Lyons
  • Absolutely, this has been an amazing experience. Even on the days you wonder why, we quickly are confirmed on our decision as soon as we join our monthly vision group call, speak to another franchisee, or someone from corporate. We feel part of a family and it makes all the difference when running a business. Andre & Karie Truitt
  • Yes, it personally changed my life, family life, and it’s like being a part of an international family. Also, the systems, training, structure, and brand value has allowed my franchise to grow fast. Ira Jackson
  • OP is a reputable and established organization that provides corporate support, has a robust Method of Operations and has instituted vision groups for mentoring and accountability. Chris Muuya
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