In Pursuit of the American Dream? Read How One Owner Did it.

On July 3rd 2019

The United States has long been known as the land of opportunity. It is opportunity that is the foundation of the American Dream. Franchises like Office Pride give entrepreneurs in pursuit of the American dream the chance to live it out. Our independently owned and operated Office Pride locations give small business owners the chance to earn a living for their families while growing a company that provides jobs for others in their communities.

During this patriotic time of year, we would like to salute some of the Office Pride franchise owners who are living the American Dream, and share what that means to them:

Andrea Monti

Andrea Monti owns Office Pride of Miami-Coral Gables. A native of Italy, Monti remains a partner in the packaging machines business he helped build in his native country. When he moved to the United States, he decided to buy an Office Pride franchise because he admired the company’s commitment to professionalism and ethics. “I love responsibility and I’m not afraid of working hard,” he says.

Monti’s idea of the American Dream is to achieve success through old-fashioned hard work. “There are no obstacles except those connected with any business activity,” he says. “You can succeed by never giving up, just keep going even when it is hard. You have to trust yourself and be optimistic.”

These are but a handful of Office Pride’s franchise owners who are making their own American Dreams come true every day. They are grateful for the support of their fellow franchisees, the strong foundation laid by the company and the trust given to them by their valued customers. Check out our locations for an Office Pride franchise near you to request a free custom proposal.