Are Franchise Owners Happy?

Owning a franchise like Office Pride provides revenue potential in an established industry. We do this along with sharing core values with a supportive team. So are franchise owners happy? Let’s dive into what factors make it possible..

The Commitment

Our commitment to core values and a faith-based culture make us stand out in the crowded commercial cleaning industry. We continue to have one of the highest franchise owner’s satisfaction rates in the industry.

“As far as our culture goes, it really started with me trying to honor God with my business,” recalls Todd Hopkins, founder, President and CEO. “If we’re going to honor God with our full life, then certainly business is a big part of that. Over time that has been something that’s very appealing to our franchise owners, and so this culture has evolved into one that is faith-based and family friendly. We have a very great, loving community of franchise owners, and that’s something that’s very attractive.”

Faith-based, Ethical Business Model Helps Owners Grow

Happy franchise owners translates to happy team members, which in turn means happy customers at Office Pride. We are recognized as one of the most advanced and admired full-service commercial cleaning franchise brands in the building-services industry. This us why we also report one of the industry’s highest franchise owner satisfaction rates, according to Franchise Business Review. Office Pride also has one of the industry’s lowest customer turnover rates, according to the Building Services Contractors Association International.

Business owners know when they are buying a franchise, they buy into and grow a network. When like-minded franchisees work together to provide the best customer service based on honesty, integrity and hard work, it ultimately benefits the entire franchise network, as well as elevates the brand as one of the leading top-quality providers of commercial cleaning services in the nation.

Strong Commitment to Core Values, Employees and Customers Leads to High-Quality Service

Six-time winner of Office Pride’s customer satisfaction award, franchise owner Chelana Snell of Springfield, Illinois was originally drawn to the franchise because of its culture and core values. It has been her faith, a strong work ethic and integrity, as well as an investment of time and building personal relationships with her employees and customers, which have led to providing consistently high levels of customer service.

Says Chelana: “It’s the culture that brought us to Office Pride. It really was those core values that we are trying to live up to, and honoring God, which keep us persevering every day. I value the relationships that I have with my employees and my customers. I try to instill our core values and work ethic into my employees and build personal relationships with them. If we want to take care of our customers then we have to take care of our employees.”

So are franchise owners happy?

We make sure so. For more than 27 years, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a faith-based franchise system, has offered entrepreneurs a proven business model, a comprehensive support network and a potentially lucrative financial opportunity — plus the ability to live their faith through their own business and make a difference in their communities.

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