The Steady ROI Guide to Commercial Cleaning Franchise Investment

A Stable Revenue-Generating Business Model

To start, for entrepreneurs seeking a long-term business investment in the cleaning industry, the a commercial cleaning franchise stands out from the competition as a viable long-term opportunity. The commercial cleaning market value is at $78 billion a year. This is  almost triple that of consumer-focused residential cleaning, and it provides a steady revenue stream year round.

The Win-Win for Everyone

“With Office Pride, my goal was to create a business that would serve the customers well, grow from a customer standpoint and create a franchise model that could deliver to franchisees a quality of life that they really wanted,” says Todd Hopkins, founder, President and CEO. “We have an incredible brand and provide a valuable service to our customers. At the same time, we have a franchise model that works very well for the franchise owners. It’s a win-win for everyone, and that separates us from a lot of brands out there.”

Owning and operating a commercial cleaning business is advantageous on several fronts. At Office Pride we have the added value of a time-tested business model with nearly three decades of service.

Virtually Unlimited Earnings Potential

To start, Office Pride franchisees can target larger commercial clients, which are cleaned on a more frequent schedule. Therefore, this can translate into higher earnings, as well as a higher margin, on each invoice — as well as more stable employee scheduling and inventory control.

Non-Exclusive Territories

Office Pride also is unusual as a franchise concept, in that we don’t restrict franchise owners’ markets with geographic boundaries. True to the team culture at Office Pride, it’s not unusual for two or more owners to work together for a client that has multiple sites in their geographical area. On the other hand, most other cleaning franchises are locked into restricted territories. This means they must purchase additional ones to expand their footprint.

The Evergreen Factor

Commercial cleaning is also an “evergreen” business, where clients and schedules remain largely unchanged even in a slow economy, unlike other sectors that struggle when consumers cut back on what they perceive as “luxuries” or “extras” during an economic downturn.

In conclusion, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a faith-based franchise system that, for more than 27 years, has offered entrepreneurs a proven business system, a comprehensive support network and a potentially lucrative financial opportunity — plus the ability to live their faith through their own business and make a difference in their communities.

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