Franchise Culture: Why It’s So Important

Owning an a franchise should come with the security of knowing you have a network of franchisees to support you as you grow your business

The journey of business ownership doesn’t end after opening day. Our team knows that, so they established several opportunities for franchise owners to plug into the supportive network of their fellow franchisees who have shared the same path and are working toward the same goals. This is all part of our franchise culture.

“It is a great culture at Office Pride. We see everybody at least once a year at our retreat, and then there are regional gatherings where we get together,” says Florida multi-unit owner Greg Carr. “In our local markets, franchise owners always work together, whether it’s passing referrals back and forth or supporting customers who have multiple locations in the local market.

That’s always a great benefit — to be able to work together as a team. Then you also know you have a great reputation on the other side of town.”

Face-to-face engagement helps owners grow their business

Like most successful franchise networks, Office Pride provides a robust digital resource center. However, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction with fellow franchisees for sharing best practices and feedback. Office Pride encourages franchisee engagement year round, from Vision Groups to the annual retreat.

Vision Groups are Office Pride’s form of peer groups. Franchisees are assigned to a group of franchisees who are at or near their stage of business growth. Additionally, Office Pride offers an annual retreat, as well as regional growth conferences that bring franchisees together.

Unrestricted market areas encourage business referrals

Office Pride commercial cleaning franchisees also can benefit from unrestricted market territories, which is unusual for a franchise business model. These nonexclusive market areas allow more than one franchise to operate in an area. This encourages overlap and growth, providing a pathway for owners to grow their investment as much as they want.

“The opportunity for franchisees to collaborate and act almost like regional franchisees is beneficial to owners. We sometimes have three, four, five, even 10 franchises in a given market area,” says Gerry Henley, Executive Vice President. “This also encourages franchisees to work together. For example, one franchise might have an account with a company’s regional headquarters. If a job at one of those company locations is too far away for them to handle, they can easily refer it to another owner in their shared area.”

For more than 28 years, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a faith-based franchise system, has offered entrepreneurs a proven business model, a comprehensive support network and a potentially lucrative financial opportunity — plus the ability to live their faith through their own business and make a difference in their communities.

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