Best Year Round Business Idea: Commercial Cleaning Franchise

A Steady Market with Consistent Demand

The Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise offers investors an attractive business investment in an established industry. It’s why it consistently turns it from a year round business idea into a life long success story. One big reason? Season don’t affect them because cleaning companies focusing solely on exterior cleaning and maintenance. New commercial buildings opening daily. And with billions of square feet of commercial space that need to be cleaned regularly, the potential revenue is great.

Aligned Goals

“With Office Pride my goal was to create a business that would serve the customers well, would grow from a customer standpoint and would also create a franchise model that could deliver to franchisees a quality of life that they really wanted,” says Todd Hopkins, founder, President and CEO. “At Office Pride I believe we have the best of all worlds. We have an incredible brand, a valuable service to our customers and at the same time we have a franchise model that works very well for the franchise owners. It’s a win-win for everyone, and that separates us from a lot of brands that are out there.”

Enhanced Earning Opportunities

Commercial cleaning business opportunities are attractive for entrepreneurs. this is because there’s little overhead, the earnings potential is great and there is billions of square feet of office space in the United States that need to be cleaned. Commercial spaces don’t just stop at office buildings, however. Office Pride cleaning franchise owners also have been able to develop a diverse customer base of all types of facility owners, which further enhances earnings opportunities. We serve customers large and small, cleaning thousands of commercial venues, including professional medical suites, churches, schools, day care centers, banks, showrooms, retail shops and industrial facilities.

Predictable Income

Office Pride’s business model also succeeds because commercial cleaning provides a predictable income. The commercial cleaning industry will be in demand regardless of economic conditions.  Offices and businesses require cleaning even during downturns. Today, Office Pride has more than 135 franchise locations throughout the United States. We’re growing because what we do, and how we do it, brings value to our communities and the people we serve.

Successful System

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a faith-based franchise system that, for more than 27 years, has offered entrepreneurs a proven business system, a comprehensive support network and a potentially lucrative financial opportunity — plus the ability to live their faith through their own business and make a difference in their communities.

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