Meet Office Pride Franchise Owner Katie Blondell

From vendor partner to franchise owner, see how Office Pride’s business model appealed to this Florida entrepreneur as she assessed her options

When Katie Blondell attended her training as a new Office Pride cleaning franchise owner in Lakeland, Fla., she had an advantage over some of her fellow new owners: she already knew a lot about the company. Blondell, who became an owner in early 2018, had previously worked for Office Pride’s advertising partner and as she worked with franchise owners and learned their story, she decided she was ready to join their ranks.

Has owning an Office Pride been what you thought it would be?

Yes, absolutely. My husband and I have been overwhelmingly pleased with the movement, progression and growth that we’ve experienced in just a short amount of time. The support has been amazing from local franchisees here in Florida. The corporate office, my area developer, everyone has made sure we have all the information we need to help us succeed.

How was your onboarding, given that you knew the company pretty well already?

The training process was extensive. We go through in-class training on a variety of topics, even down to time management and how to take care of yourself during stressful times. We go through operations training, hands-on training and then after that we have in-market sales training where we go into the field on sales calls, learning how to communicate our product and basically our brand to our potential customers. Then, we have in-market operations training with our area developer that includes hands-on cleaning once you have signed a few accounts.

You had heard about the company culture. What’s it been like to experience it firsthand?

In talking to these people, you really understand that it is a special group. Everyone has that same spark, even though they mostly came from different fields. I talked to engineers, architects, accountants –  they all wanted a change. They wanted something that they really could pour themselves into, build and grow, and be proud of, and I really saw myself in these franchisees that I interacted with on a daily basis. I saw my husband and me falling into that same mentality of wanting to build something that we’re proud of and being a part of something bigger.

How have your first few months been?

It is better than we thought it would look like, honestly. Right off the bat, we landed a few good-sized accounts. We’re getting a lot of really good experience. The ball is definitely rolling as a new franchisee. It’s happening very quickly, but it’s all really good stuff.

What advice would you give to someone who’s where you were a year or so ago, outside looking in, but very interested in how Office Pride could help them own their own business?

You definitely need to be on your toes and there is a level of optimism that you need to bring to everything. Knowing that God protects God provides and that whatever happens, however things go, it is all a part of The Plan.

Where do see your franchise in a year or two years from now?

I see myself and my husband working really hands-on in the business. I see us with an office and a full cleaning staff. I see us definitely being where we’re projected to be in terms of meeting sales and growth goals.

For more than 27 years, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, a faith-based franchise system has offered entrepreneurs a proven business system, comprehensive support network and a lucrative financial opportunity – plus the ability to live your faith through your own business and make a difference in your community.

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