Meet Office Pride Franchise Owner Greg Carr

After a strong start and steady growth, this entrepreneur wanted to stay with a winning team when he relocated his family from Indiana to Florida

Five years ago, Greg Carr was looking to make a change from his work in the health care  industry. He enjoyed the challenges but was looking for an opportunity that would provide for him and his family while involving them in the business.

He found that with an Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise, and even when the Carrs decided to relocate to Florida, they kept Office Pride as part of the family. Now he operates franchise locations in Palm Harbor, near Tampa, as well as Orlando, and says that Office Pride continues to pay off.

What led you to consider owning your own business, and subsequently
to Office Pride?

I worked in health care management, in a respiratory setting and also a clinical laboratory, and I always enjoyed the management aspects of those businesses. I also wanted to do something on my own, a business that I could include my family in. Commercial cleaning wasn’t something that I considered, but when I learned about Office Pride, its culture and the people within Office Pride, it attracted me to go with a commercial cleaning business.

What about Office Pride’s company culture got your attention?

The faith-based aspect of the culture was what initially interested me in Office Pride. My wife and I had been looking for either a company that I could partner with as an employee, or a business that we could own, where we could live out our faith in our business and it be part of our business’ culture.

What was the experience like once you decided to come on board?

The training was great. It was very well thought out, especially for somebody with no commercial cleaning experience or business experience. It was a mix of information on how to be successful in this industry, but then also a great foundation for me to start my small business with the coaching, and also the advice from the Office Pride owners and the corporate team who have helped so many people start their own businesses.

How has the training been for you, not just as a new owner but also in terms of ongoing education?

There was a lot that we needed to learn that first week, but there also have been progressive coaching, counseling and accountability from day one outside of training to help us build and operate a successful business.

From day one there has been a progression of folks within Office Pride, at the home office and mentors out in the field that are business owners like me, who helped me start my cleaning business the right way, and then also offered the support and advice to manage my business properly.

That kind of support is closely tied to Office Pride’s culture. Can you share some thoughts on that collaboration?

We see everybody at least once a year at retreat, and then there’s regional gatherings. In our local markets the franchise owners always work together, whether it’s passing referrals back and forth or supporting customers that have multiple locations in different parts of the local market. So that’s always a great benefit, to be able to work together as a team. Then also you know you have a great reputation on the other side of town that helps you in your area with customers that have a big footprint, or if it’s a new customer.

What does your average day look like?

It is busy. I start the day with either organizing for the day or networking out in the community since a lot of our operations take place later in the day. In the afternoons we start either with team meetings with my local leadership team or meeting our employees out in the field and helping them with whatever they need.

What’s your favorite aspect of the business?

Meeting somebody who either owns or manages a business and has struggled with keeping their business clean. Either they were doing the cleaning themselves or they were with a company that maybe hasn’t done the greatest job. We are able to come in there and provide professional, consistent office cleaning for those folks, and allow them the opportunity to depend on us. Then they refer us to the people they know that own or manage businesses.

How challenging has it been for you to build that custom plan for each customer?

No two businesses are alike, even if it is the same business with multiple locations. So, there are certain challenges and opportunities to serving the customers uniquely. Our customers appreciate that because a lot of them have dealt with a “one size fits all” cleaning package that didn’t meet their needs. It’s another great way to impress the customer, that we can have location-specific instructions and training for our employees to take care of the customer properly.

Who makes a good Office Pride franchise owner?

Someone with the determination to see things through, like commitments to your customers and staff members. Also, just the willingness to learn this industry. There’s many of us, almost everybody that I know within Office Pride, who did not come from the janitorial realm. Be willing to learn a new industry.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a 25-year-old, faith-based franchise system that offers entrepreneurs a proven business model, a comprehensive support network and a lucrative financial opportunity — plus the ability to live your faith through your own business and make a difference in your community.

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