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How Big is the Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Service Industry?

For Office Pride the focus is not on being the biggest but on being the Best.

There are an estimated 77 billion square feet of commercial floor space in the United States and a potential commercial cleaning market of $115 billion, according to MarketData Enterprises Inc.

The commercial cleaning industry is a $78+ billion dollar industry, part of the largest service industry in the world. There are more than 4.9 million commercial buildings in the U.S. with new ones opening daily. Office Pride is capitalizing on that opportunity and relying on its expanding roster of franchisees to secure as much of that business as possible. We have more than 135 franchisees across the country right now, and we don’t see any limits in sight.

Office Pride by the Numbers - FDD Item 19 Overview


Office Pride Business System

graphWe believe for a business to be sustainable, a franchisee must be trained in every area of success, including sales, operations, hiring, strategic planning, financial management and more. Office Pride coaches how to sell commercial cleaning and floor care services and how to grow a business and therefore a business with equity.

Office Pride fully understands that your growth leads to our growth. Our sole focus is to help you identify and achieve your vision and growth. We know that to ensure the most growth that you will need training and coaching on an ongoing basis.

    • 25 Year Old Faith-Based Franchise System
    • Nationally recognized brand
    • 20% system sales growth last 4 years
    • Debt free franchise system
    • Viable in any size geographic market
    • A franchise whose corporate culture is built and run on Biblical principles
    • Billings and collections services are provided
    • Significant Vendor Discounts
    • Stable Customer Base
    • Service business with recurring income
    • Outstanding Item 19 Financials
    • Recession resistant in an established multi-billion dollar industry
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