Initial Investment and Startup Costs

Owning an Office Pride Franchise Is Affordable and Manageable

We understand that starting your own business is a large undertaking that involves careful financial planning. To launch an Office Pride cleaning franchise, you will need a certain amount of investment capital plus approximately six to nine months of personal living expenses.

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Nick Morris - Office Pride Franchise Owner

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Cleaning Franchise?

On average, the cost of opening a cleaning business with Office Pride ranges from $74,400 – $120,600. That includes our initial franchise fee of $39,000.

Office Pride is proud to be a five-star VetFran franchisor. If you are an honorably discharged U.S. military veteran, you will receive 25% off the franchise fee.

The cost of startup cleaning and office supplies, equipment and insurance ranges from approximately $7,600 to $22,200. You can anticipate paying $300 to $4,400 for accounting or legal fees, training, licenses and bonds. Additionally, you should allocate $25,500 to $51,100 toward operating expenses such as payroll, marketing and bank fees in the first three months.

We also recommend all new franchise owners set aside enough money to cover their living expenses for six to nine months. The amount needed will depend on your personal monthly expenses and how quickly your business grows.

Following is a summary of the startup costs involved.

Type of Expenditure Expenditure Amount Method of Payment When Due To Whom Payment Is To Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee $39,000 Lump Sum When you sign the franchise agreement Office Pride
New Customer Leads Fee $2,500 - $5,000 Lump Sum As Arranged Approved Suppliers
Leasehold Improvements $0 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Signs $0 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Cleaning Equipment Supplies, Materials and Ancillary Goods $3,000 - $7,000 As Arranged As Arranged Approved Suppliers
Office Equipment and Supplies $500 - $3,500 As Arranged As Arranged Approved Supplies
Computer System $0 - $2,000 As Arranged As Arranged Third Parties
Insurance $4,000 - $7,000 As Arranged As Arranged Insurance down payment to insurance company
Other Deposits $100 - $2,700 As Arranged As Arranged Estimated for leased equipment, telephone, utilities, vehicle, etc.
Professional Fees $200 - $2,000 As Arranged As Arranged For accountants and lawyers
Training Expenses $0 - $2,100 As Arranged As Arranged Estimated expenses for attending initial training, i.e. travel and living expenses
Licenses and/or Bonds $100 - $300 As Arranged As Arranged Fees paid to government agencies and/or insurance or bonding companies
Additional Funds
(3 months)
$25,500 - $51,100 As arranged during the first three months of operations As arranged during the first three months of operations Needed for various operating expenses like payroll, supplies, cleaning equipment, marketing, bank fees, etc., and is dependent on how fast you grow
Total Expenditures $74,400 - $120,600

For complete information see our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Is Office Pride an Affordable Franchise?

Office Pride has been named one of the top low-cost franchises by both Entrepreneur and Franchise Business Review.

Starting an Office Pride franchise is a relatively low investment compared to other franchises, because an Office Pride business can be launched from your home office, with no brick-and-mortar cost required.

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