The Discovery Process

Steps to Franchise Ownership

At Office Pride, we have designed a simple process for you to follow, step by step, as you discover what Office Pride has to offer. As a candidate to own an Office Pride franchise, we want to help you determine if we are the right fit for you. Our process helps you identify your vision and goals for business ownership.

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Connect With Us Step 1

This call has a simple goal: It’s how we get to know each other. We will ask questions to make sure that we understand what is motivating you to start your own business and what you want to accomplish as a business owner. We will then educate you on the Office Pride Business System and how we can help you achieve your vision and goals.

Complete Application Step 2

We will ask you to complete a franchise application, which includes some basic information, your personal financial statement and our SpotOn! business skills profile tool. SpotOn! identifies your skills and strengths for business ownership and serves as a foundation for coaching you. We will review this on our next call.

Review FDD Step 3

Required by the Federal Trade Commission, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a document that will be given to you as a prospective franchisee for full disclosure and your protection while reviewing a franchise opportunity. We will schedule a call to review the highlights of our FDD and any questions you may have.

Validation Calls Step 4

Validation calls are your opportunity to speak with our franchisees about their experiences with Office Pride. Reading authentic testimonials on our website is one easy way to get a glimpse into how our franchisees feel. But to connect personally with an owner, ask questions and make a connection brings your understanding to a higher level.

Discovery Day Step 5

Discovery Day gives you the opportunity to visit our corporate office in Palm Harbor, Florida, for an in-depth tour of our franchisee support center. There, you will meet your support team and interview with the Office Pride executive leadership team.

Mutual Approval Step 6

After you’ve completed the Discovery Day, we hope you will leave having gathered all the information you need to make a decision about owning an Office Pride. We want YOU on the Office Pride team!

Sign and Launch Step 7

You sign your agreement and we award your franchise and provide you with the training, coaching and guidance you need to launch and run your franchise. Congratulations, and welcome to Office Pride!

Are you ready to explore the Office Pride opportunity?