Are You Tired of spending your time, energy and your family life building someone else’s business?

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Are you thinking about pursuing the dream of having your own business?

You know there’s more to life than working for someone else – building their business and legacy while they take the lion’s share of the profits and have full control over your schedule and how the work gets done. A lot of people who started their own businesses had realized that their boss was no better than they were in many ways and that they might even perform as well or better.

Why Work for Someone Else?

Working for someone else has its perks, but at a certain point, boredom can set in or you hit a ceiling and there’s not a lot of room for advancement.  Often the growth opportunities that are offered are simply not worth all the additional responsibilities for a small incremental gain in pay.

For others, working for someone else leaves no legacy to pass down to their children and while they are giving the best years of their life to something other than family. Their schedule is full, leaving little time left for family.

Take Control of Your Destiny

After a while budding entrepreneurs realize they want to escape the “rat race” and build their own business where they can call the shots, set the schedule and decide when and where they will work. Running your own business gives you the flexibility to do just that.

Think of how rewarding it would be to have full control over your financial destiny and know that each day you are building equity in yourself and your own company, rather than building someone else’s business.

Control Your Own Destiny, Like Jason Did! (Video)

At Office Pride we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs pursue their financial and lifestyle goals by assembling a turn-key franchise system unlike any other commercial cleaning franchise, that has low startup costs, amazing training and unparalleled support combined with faith based principles that have proven successful for over 25 years.

New Commercial Cleaning Franchise Owners

New Franchise Owners – The Eckels Family!

But a Commercial Cleaning Franchise… Really?

Most of our franchisees didn’t start off with the intention of starting a commercial cleaning business. Who does? Many of the spouses and family members initially frowned at the thought of having a business in the commercial cleaning industry and some were understandably just nervous about starting their own business since they had no previous experience.

But once these aspiring entrepreneurs and their family members learned the details of the Office Pride franchise opportunity they soon realized that this could actually be the opportunity they had been looking for all along.

Benefits of an Office Pride Franchise:


You Can Start Achieving Your Dreams, Like Thomas! (Video)

What Makes Office Pride Special?

Office Pride is a nationally recognized 25 year old franchise system in the $78 billion dollar and virtually recession proof commercial cleaning industry. 

The culture at Office Pride is our true distinguishing quality – our Core Beliefs and Values set the tone for every business interaction we have, and we’re known for our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction.

As an Office Pride franchisee, you become part of the family and will be given all the tools and support you need to run and grow your business and hire and expand your team. With decades of experience, we’ve unlocked the code and made every mistake that can be made so that you don’t have to.  We’ve meticulously devised training and support to help you on the road to being the best entrepreneur you can be.

We believe for your business to be sustainable, you must be trained in every area of success, including sales, operations, hiring, employee management, strategic planning, financial management, and more. We know that to ensure the most success you will need coaching on an ongoing basis.

We are not a “train and go” franchise system. Our training incorporates a lot of on-the-job training. We like to look at this training as “customized coaching.” Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. While we build on your strengths, we concentrate on improving your weaknesses. Your success is our success!

Office Pride, An Unexpected Opportunity…

As an Office Pride franchisee, you will have the assistance of a team of professionals devoted to your success. When you become an Office Pride business owner, you receive all the support you would need to learn, run, and grow your operation effectively and efficiently. 

If you’re interested in a franchise committed to honesty, integrity and quality service that is quick to launch, offers recurring revenue and is scalable, Office Pride might be for you.

Interested? Call 727-777-6634 or submit the inquiry form on this page, so you can learn how you can “Be a Part of Something Great™”


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