Christian and Faith Based Franchise Business Opportunity

Office Pride welcomes entrepreneurs seeking an opportunity to develop and build their own businesses. So how does a 78+ billion dollar, virtually recession proof, service based industry with recurring revenues, scalable to any size you choose and with low overhead (no brick and mortar) sound?

You Can Follow Your Heart

Office Pride takes a unique approach to business. We believe Biblical principles are the perfect foundation upon which to start, lead and grow a business. We cherish our Core Beliefs and Values which guide how we and our franchise family conducts business. Office Pride is a unique franchise that is based on and operated on Biblical principles and values. Our franchisees can live their faith daily in the business world. If you are looking for a faith based franchise where you can expand God’s kingdom through your own business, consider Office Pride.

But Commercial Cleaning… Really?

Most of our franchisees didn’t start off with the intent of starting a commercial cleaning business. Many spouses and family members initially frowned at the idea of the industry and starting your own business. But once these aspiring entrepreneurs discovered the details of the opportunity, including the robust business model, the low startup costs, low overhead, a time-tested highly effective franchise system, the unparalleled support and the way we have integrated Christian values into the entire organization, they soon realized that this could be the opportunity they had been looking for all along.

Commercial cleaning is $78 billion dollar a year industry that is quite recession resistant, generates predictable monthly income and allows budding entrepreneurs to start small and build their team as quickly or as slowly as they desire to create the lifestyle they are after.

Having a sense of control over one’s financial destiny and knowing that each day you are building equity in yourself and your own company, rather than building someone else’s business, is a very rewarding experience.

OK, But How Much Can I Make?

The potential is there to meet or exceed your personal financial goals and of course how much you can make is entirely dependent on you and your entrepreneurial drive.  As a scalable service business with recurring income, you control the size and growth of the business. We will be there with you with ongoing training, coaching and support.

Office Pride publishes financials in our Franchise Disclosure Document [FDD]. Here’s a look at the historical average sales of our franchisees, from our 2017 FDD Item 19. More on our website. With relatively low overhead and a proven franchise system, this could be the vehicle to achieve the life style you’ve always dreamed of.

Superior Support for our Franchisees

As an Office Pride franchisee, you become part of the family and will be given all the tools and support you need to run and grow your business and hire and expand your team. With decades of experience, we’ve unlocked the code and made every mistake that can be made so that you don’t have to.  We’ve meticulously devised training and support to help you on the road to being the best entrepreneur you can be.

An Unexpected Opportunity

Whether you’re looking to start your own commercial cleaning business or take your existing business to the next level and beyond, we support you and your goals. Office Pride is recognized as one of the most advanced and admired full-service commercial cleaning franchises in the industry, and we’d love to have you on our team!

To learn more or request additional information simply fill out the short form on this page or call us at the number displayed.