What Does It Mean To Be a Christian Franchise?

Office Pride’s faith-based franchise model has attracted entrepreneurial individuals from all walks of life since our founding. And while many of our franchisees are Christians, we are not a Christian business – because there is no such thing. People can be Christian, but businesses are just businesses. Office Pride is a faith-based business, built on honesty, hard work and other Biblical principles. We believe that the Bible has a lot to say about owning a business, including how to treat customers and employees.

One of our core values is being accepting of everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. The only qualification we have for Office Pride franchisees is to abide by our core values, which influence everything we do. All of our franchisees are committed to honesty, integrity and hard work and believe in our culture and values. Religious preference doesn’t matter, as long as they uphold our standards of customer service and integrity.

A major tenet of our faith-based value is respect for everyone we encounter, from a part-time worker up to a CEO. This respect shapes every area of our business, and provides a solid structure upon which to build a successful franchise. We know that by treating everyone fairly and providing franchisees with the tools they need, everyone can be successful. Customers can trust that we are honest, respectable business owners, who will stay true to our word on all our practices as a faith-based franchise.

By operating from a faith-based perspective, we encourage our employees to listen to others, take advice, be willing to change and get out of their comfort zone. All of these principles are ideal for personal and professional development, and serve a business owner well.

With a defined set of core values to lean on, even the difficult times in business don’t have to be so dark. Acting with honesty and integrity in every situation can get us through rough patches, from financial difficulty to personnel issues and everything in between.

You may think that Christian values and the tough world of business might not mix, but we’re found the opposite – Office Pride has been able to succeed in this increasingly globalized world precisely for our faith-based nature. At its best, Christianity stands for mutual respect, opportunity, honesty and forgiveness – all traits that are well suited for business. We just do our best to be good people and business owners, and it often turns out to be exactly what customers are looking for. Our core values have allowed us to create a network of hardworking, respectful franchisees.

To be a faith-based franchise means to uphold and embrace our values of hard work, respect, and honesty. At Office Pride, being a faith-based business doesn’t hold us back, but instead allows us to thrive in new ways, serving our customers as we serve God.


  • Honor God
  • Always do what is right
  • Increase brand value
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Go the extra mile
  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude
  • Accountability to commitments

If you are interested in owning your own faith- based franchise with Office Pride, we’d be happy to speak with you.

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