Music to Millennial Ears: The Future of Franchising in Nashville

Millennials now make up the largest population of working Americans. And research is showing that this entrepreneurial-minded group of up and comers are choosing franchising as their path to success.

This is music to the ears of one well-established janitorial service brand, who is looking for just the right individuals to grow and flourish in the Nashville area. Office Pride® Commercial Cleaning Services franchise is celebrating 25 years in business and is poised for great growth in the South. This coincides well with the tremendous growth that the city of Nashville is experiencing.

“We’re seeing Nashville grow by leaps and bounds and that means a janitorial service franchise could be a smart choice for the right people,” said Director of Marketing for the 127-member nationwide franchise, Jeff Burridge. “This is a chance for the right individuals, maybe even those right out of college, to invest in a better life and franchising may be just the right fit,” he added. We just added our youngest franchisee at 22.

Let’s take a look at why millennials might want to take a closer look at Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services.

A Growing City of Millennials

According to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the cost of doing business is 10 percent lower than the national average. This is good news for those exiting college or those college grads who have already tried a full-time job and found it’s not for them. It is also a great place for those transitioning out of military service to hang their uniform and launch the next chapter in their career. In addition, there are five major sectors of the economy in Nashville that are growing exponentially: health care, corporate operations, advanced manufacturing, supply chain management, and music.

“When office spaces and medical buildings and other commercial spaces are filled, janitorial service needs are a key component of their employee and customers needs,” said Burridge.

This is a win-win for franchises and millennials. Now couple that with low-investment costs and a quick return on investment (ROI) and the formula makes even more sense. Office Pride is one of the lowest cost franchise opportunities available and its franchisees consistently report rapid growth.

A Proven Model with Lots of Mentoring

When researching the best option, it’s important to be able to hear from existing franchisees. Office Pride is proud of its proven model and its franchisees’ testimonials. See for yourself. Franchisees across the nation have experienced great success as first-time business owners. There is fantastic training and mentoring and a proven business model, something millennials and veterans love.

In fact, in a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine that details a PriceWaterhouseCoopers study, millennials want feedback, training and freedom. Millennials want to know how they are doing and what they can do better. Office Pride offers both a hands-on approach and feedback that millennials are looking for.

“One of the greatest things about the Office Pride brand is our commitment to the ongoing support and training of our franchisees,” said Gene White, Director of Franchise Development. “It’s our franchisees success in a growing population like Nashville that strengthens our janitorial service brand,” he added.

Are you a millennial looking to make a smart move for your future? Do you know of a millennial who might be interested in making a big leap into entrepreneurial self-employment through franchising? Call Gene White at 727-491-5125 for a no-obligation conversation about the benefits of owning an Office Pride franchise in a great town like Nashville.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services
Ability to ask others who have already invested
The future is bright for millennials.

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