Get to Know the Team: Franchisee Q&A with Conord Family

One of the benefits of joining the Office Pride franchise family is the opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the business – from home office support to a wholly collaborative franchisee experience, there’s no shortage of caring people around who are rooting for your business to exceed expectations.

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One of our newest franchisee teams is the Conord family in northern Virginia. Check out the Q&A below to get to know them and how their entrepreneurial journey began – and click here to see the article they appeared in to announce their opening!

Can you tell me a little bit about how your Office Pride runs?

We’re a family-run office – my father A.T. and I (Zack) are co-owners of Office Pride of Fredericksburg, Virginia. We decided to go into business together after extensive research – we felt that commercial cleaning was a niche in our community that needed filling, and we wanted to do something to serve others. We’re a military family, and that same work ethic and drive to succeed is a present factor in our business. My wife, Sarah, is the office manager – we’re truly a family business!

How do your professional backgrounds make you a good Office Pride franchisee team?

Between my father and I, we have a fairly lengthy background in management and maintenance. We understand the unique blend of customer service and good, hard work that it takes for a facility to look and perform at the top of its game. Both of our backgrounds have been essential in running our Office Pride business.

How does your personal life play a role in your Office Pride business?

We’re both very active in our church, and we have a service-based attitude that we’ve learned from our time doing international mission work all over the world. Our faith has strengthened our resolve and allowed us the peace of mind to build our business with a service-first mentality.

For more information on Office Pride’s commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, click here.

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