Best Customer Satisfaction Franchise

How this Franchise Aims for Best Customer Satisfaction

Best Customer Satisfaction Franchise

Customer satisfaction is a top challenge for all companies. You want to do the right thing. Do it consistently. And you want those customers to tell others how happy they are with you. Sounds easy enough, right?

However, the reality is there are internal and external strains on your business. So relying on a great track record from a leading franchise becomes very enticing. And top of the list is building relationships with your customers.

Authentic, genuine, and transparent, long-term relationships. As Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Such is the reputation of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services Franchise. The 24-year old franchise consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction. In fact, you’ll only find great reviews from franchisees and their customers. This is because Office Pride focuses on the best customer satisfaction. They know that: It’s cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones.

Three aspects of this organization stand out: an award-winning reputation, abiding by The Golden Rule, and a commitment to accountability.

An Impeccable Reputation

Office Pride franchisees immediately enjoy the benefits of this stellar reputation. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to the best marketing materials, great references and financial and operational tools. This helps each franchisee to clearly communicate the message of top quality work and consistency.

Just look at the stats from the BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International).  In the commercial cleaning world, about 75% of the market is currently serviced by “mom-and-pops” whose focus is on building space of less than 20,000 square feet. Unfortunately, the statistics show that many of these smaller companies provide inconsistent service. The result: high customer turnover.

Not so at Office Pride. Because of Office Pride’s dedication to the best customer satisfaction, this franchise has made hard work and attention to detail top priorities. And it’s one of the most reputable and admired janitorial and commercial cleaning franchise options available. Just ask Maryland franchisee, Gary Chandler, who has successfully built his business upon an established reputation. “We chose Office Pride because of the power of the brand, the talent of the senior management and the high level of respect I have for the individuals involved.”

Do Unto Others

What makes a satisfied customer in this business? It means going beyond “the standard clean.” It is a higher standard that is built into the overall mission and culture of this top-rated commercial cleaning franchise.

Just check out the Office Pride mission statement, based upon faith principles.

to honor and glorify God by building mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees, vendors and franchisees and by fulfilling our promise of providing top-quality janitorial services through men and women committed to honesty, integrity and hard work.”

Stay Accountable

Accountability from the top down is a major key to the success of Office Pride. This is not a “train-and-go” franchise system. Office Pride franchisees are like a big family. There is an annual retreat that all “family members” are encouraged to attend. This provides a great opportunity to remain accountable to each other and the overall brand and success of the company. Just ask Steve and Amber Smith, franchisees in Visalia, California. “The Office Pride culture is one of integrity, honesty, hard work while being family-oriented and Christ-centered.”

Loyalty can make or break a franchise. When you sow good seeds that seek loyal, satisfied customers, you reap the benefits.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

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