Office Pride Franchise Review Q&A: Andre & Karie Truitt of Rapid City, South Dakota

New franchise owners in South Dakota find growth and success. Listen to Andre and Karie Truitt describe their experience in this Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise review.

Andre and Karie Truitt select Office Pride to take their Rapid City cleaning company to the next level.

Office Pride franchise owners, Andre and Karie Truitt of Rapid City, South Dakota decided to take their careers and their future into their own hands earlier this year by joining the team at Office Pride.

Since then, they have obtained a dedicated and growing client base and established a reputation in their community as being a reliable business that operates with integrity.

Andre and Karie have five children, run an in-home daycare service, and have previous careers in sales. Before coming to Office Pride in March 2015, the Truitts owned an independent cleaning company but forged little success or happiness and found that their home life was lacking because of the time and effort they were investing in their work. Since taking the leap of owning an Office Pride franchise, the couple agrees that they couldn’t see themselves doing anything else.

They never imagined how quickly their franchise would grow and were shocked when they reached their annual revenue goals in just the first three months of operation. The Truitts attribute their positive experience to the morals and values they share with Office Pride and the ability to remain in charge of their own success. They truly believe that finding Office Pride has been the blessing that keeps on giving.

What brought you to the decision to obtain an Office Pride franchise?
The idea of a system that is already in place was the biggest attraction. We wanted to grow our business but had so many questions about how and where to start. We were excited about the Office Pride values and knew it would be a good fit for us. There was not a lot of competition in our area when we started and we saw the need for janitorial services. Office Pride stood out from all the other options.

What sets the Office Pride franchise apart?
When we researched different franchises, we were impressed by the low number of complaints that Office Pride had compared to the others. Their professionalism was apparent and we could tell they stayed true to their word. After speaking to Office Pride representatives a few times, we were highly impressed with not only their corporate side, but also some of the other franchise owners. They were willing to answer questions and assist in the decision-making process.

What does it take to succeed as an Office Pride franchise owner?
Be sure to take advantage of all the resources you are provided, get tapped into the peer groups, and do all you can to attend events. Don’t let fear get in your way and pace yourself. Make sure to set clear goals and do what you need to in order to reach them. Don’t give up!

What kind of opportunities have you seen that would help a new owner grow their franchise?
Access to the website, brand, name, the Vine (Software System), vendor relationships, and so much more was tremendous. We also have experienced many franchisees that are willing to offer assistance.

Who are your customers?
We have a diverse and growing clientele base! We have been privileged to work with companies such as Rapid City Regional Airport, Homeland Security, various medical offices, an industrial plant, local civic organizations, and many more than we could list here.

How has your work been made easier by using the tools from Office Pride franchise system?
It has taken the guesswork out of the day. We have the resources we need to be more efficient and also the connection to vendors that we would not have had otherwise.

What is unique about the Office Pride cleaning process?
The professionalism and the color-coded cleaning system really set us apart. Our customers like the idea of different colored microfibers to clean their facility. They appreciate knowing there is little room for cross contamination by using our system.

What do you like most about this business?
Compared to other franchises, we were impressed with the low start-up costs, low overhead, and the ability to make a return on our investment a lot quicker than most. Janitorial may not seem like a dream business, but we found that it fits into our family structure and allows us to make a good living. There is flexibility to grow at a comfortable pace. You determine how successful you will be.

How has being an Office Pride franchise owner added to your life?
It has given us more freedom and we have taken our business to a whole new level. Our business has taken off in a huge way in just a few months and we are excited to see where we will be this time next year!

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