Office Pride Franchise Selects Standards of Excellence Award Winners

Office Pride franchise owners recognized for overall performance, integrity, community spirit

We recently honored several Office Pride franchise owners with the company’s coveted Standards of Excellence when we convened in Crystal City, Virginia, for Office Pride’s 2014 Franchise Owners Retreat. The SOE award is our highest, and it’s based on multiple factors – customer satisfaction, customer retention, franchise growth, employee satisfaction, business ethics and integrity and contributions to both their local communities and the Office Pride franchise system.

Scott-and-Carmen Ramsey

Scott and Carmen Ramsey

We’d like to name the winners and brag about them for their outstanding commitment to our brand. We’d also like to take the opportunity to hear what some of the winners have to say about the Office Pride franchise.

2014 winners include Chris and Rebecca Bursch of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dean and Nancy Riesterer of New Haven, Indiana; Julie Hirschauer of Shelbyville, Indiana; Scott and Carmen Ramsey of Terre Haute, Indiana; Doug and Chelana Snell of Springfield, Illinois; Jennifer Harber of Jackson, Tennessee; Chris and Kim Middleton of Noblesville, Indiana; Troy Hopkins of Huntsville, Alabama; and Mike Jackson Jr. of Richmond, Virginia; Mark & Sonya Charles of Pensacola, Florida; Scott Gipson of Fishers, Indiana.

SOE award winners speak out about Office Pride

We value our franchisees at Office Pride, and they value us in turn. We let them know that we appreciate their dedication to honoring our core values of hard work and integrity in the service of God with an annual retreat that recognizes their achievements and to share ideas and celebrate one another.

Chris and Kim Middleton

Chris and Kim Middleton

Here’s what some of our recent SOE award winners have to say about Office Pride.

“In the corporate world today, it’s just scary. The moral character is getting rough. We thought, we want to honor God in this business. We totally gave it up to Him and will do whatever we can do to serve Him.”
– Dean Riesterer, Office Pride of Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I felt Office Pride was more focused on the success of their franchisees rather than just selling franchises. … That was a big selling point for me.”
– Chris Middleton, Office Pride of Noblesville, Indiana

“When potential clients go on our website, they see it’s professionally designed. They see the Scripture, and they see our core values. It gives them a sense of security. They know someone from Office Pride will take care of their building, they know our employees won’t steal from them and they know we’ll resolve issues quickly. Those are some of the things I use as a selling point. There’s a reason why we’re growing so fast. We do things above and beyond what a lot of other companies would do.”
– Mike Jackson Jr., Office Pride of Richmond, Virginia

If you work the system – because Office Pride has the right systems in place, the right support, the right training – it will work for you. It’s a great opportunity.
– Carmen Ramsey, Office Pride of Terre Haute, Indiana

“A lot of folks in this industry won’t do much for their people, and the customers are seeing a difference because we’re actually showing up … to talk to them and see how things are going. We’re doing monthly inspections. We not only expect, we inspect. Many companies get started and move on to next sale. We continue growing relationships with customers and the people who work for us. We’re getting good people on board from other cleaning companies because they hear we’re a great company to work for.”
– Chris Bursch, Office Pride of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Learn more about the Office Pride franchise

Office Pride’s commitment to Biblical principles and our 22-plus years of business expertise have helped us build a profitable franchise company with more than 120 franchisees across the country. We are expanding our reach even farther across the U.S. and Canada. In the $78 billion commercial cleaning industry, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Would you like to learn more about the Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise? Take a look at our website’s research pages and then fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report. We’d love to start a conversation! You can also read full interviews with our franchisees on our blog.

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