Office Pride Franchise Review Q&A: Orlando Pitts of Birmingham, Alabama

In this Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise review Orlando Pitts talks about his newfound level of success

Orlando Pitts runs a successful Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, which he says allows him to spend quality time with his wife, Tawanda, and his sons, Tyler and Brandon.

Orlando Pitts runs a successful Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise in Birmingham, Alabama, which he says allows him to spend quality time with his wife, Tawanda, and his sons, Tyler and Brandon.

Orlando Pitts was pretty happy running his own successful commercial cleaning business in Madison, Alabama, but he was urged by an Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise Area Developer to talk to the team at Office Pride headquarters. The rest is history, and a fairly entertaining one at that.

Orlando recently purchased the entire Office Pride territory of Birmingham, Alabama. He’s already finding great success with his franchise, and he still finds time for important family and community activities such as coaching basketball and spending time with his wife, Tawanda, and two sons, Tyler, 11, and Brandon, 16.

Owning an Office Pride franchise has brought a sense of support that Orlando hadn’t felt before in his professional life. He was happy before he joined the Office Pride family, but now he uses another word to describe his feelings – ecstatic.

How long have you been with Office Pride?
We have been with Office Pride since April of this year – about seven months. I had my own commercial cleaning company before, and before that I owned a restaurant for 10 years in Madison, Alabama.

Is your work easier now that you’re using the tools from Office Pride franchise?
Yes. It is 100 percent easier. They take all of the guesswork out. Office Pride provides us with an answer for just about everything. If you don’t have success with Office Pride, then you just really don’t want to.

Why did you buy an Office Pride franchise?
I dabbled in commercial cleaning before I closed my restaurant. I had two accounts, and I really, really loved what I was doing. I was invited to bid on one of our schools in our area, and Troy Hopkins (area manager and CEO Todd Hopkins’ brother) was there, along with a couple of other people. As we were leaving, Troy stopped me and said he thought that I would be a really good fit for Office Pride. I went out to lunch with him, and he told me he wanted me to be a part of Office Pride. At this point my own business had grown, and I was very comfortable.

Troy asked me what my gross sales were, and I told him. The only thing that came out of his mouth was – and we laugh and talk about this today – he said, “Man, you are really small.” He didn’t even say it in a way that I could be offended by it. Then later he called me and said, “Hey, this doesn’t have anything to do with Office Pride. I want to help your business grow. Come on up to our sales meeting. I’ve got all the top people in this region coming, and we are doing a class today. If nothing else we are going to help you grow your business.”

I watched all of these guys from Office Pride for five or six hours, and I saw that there was really no competition among them. They were genuinely trying to help each other’s business. They even respected what I had to say, even though I wasn’t an Office Pride franchise owner. We all went to Troy’s house that night, and I saw him around his wife and kids. That told me all I need to know about a man. The next morning I called him and told him I was buying an Office Pride. He was floored.

What sets the Office Pride franchise apart from other franchises?
I think that it’s the level of detail and professionalism. I have never seen a company where each person in the organization, as far as the corporate level goes, is an expert at what they do. And what they do, they do well.

What does it take to succeed as an Office Pride franchisee?
You have to have the amount of time to put in, you have to have the commitment. The key is just doing what you say you’re going to do and standing behind it. It’s even more important because we don’t have contracts. We have agreements. We are probably the only commercial cleaning service where you can fire us at any point that you feel like it. But even with that, we keep 90% of our customers. Our philosophy is, if you hire us to do a job, and we can’t make you happy, then why should you be stuck with us for another eight months?

How large is the opportunity for potential franchisees to grow their business?
I assumed if you bought an Office Pride franchise, then you really want to grow. But there are people who just are just happy with helping with their normal income, and they just do it on the weekends. Then there are some people who have 190 employees. Regardless, the structure is the same. You can be as small as you want or grow as big as you want, and it 100% depends upon you.

Who are your customers?
We work with a lot medical facilities. We have schools, churches and corporate headquarters, any type of business. There is no limit to the commercial cleaning that needs to be done.

What is unique about the cleaning process?
All of our chemicals and our rags are color-coded, so that takes the guesswork out of it. Green is for all of our surfaces. Blue rags are for glass. Brown is for wood. Silver is for stainless steel and red rags are for toilets. The thing that always makes everybody’s heads spin – and I do it on purpose when I say it – I say: “We only use a red rag to clean around the toilet. That way, you are assured that nobody took a rag and cleaned around your toilet and turned around and cleaned your desk off with it.” There are other things – our professionalism, integrity and honesty. We do what we say were going to do. We don’t make excuses. We just get the job done.

How much does your area manager help you?
If there is a better area managing than Troy, then I don’t know of him. Anything I need, I can go to him and he is right there. That makes a huge difference, a huge difference! Each franchisee has an area developer. He is there just to support the franchise owner with any questions or any humps, because they have been down that road.

What do you like about the business?
I like the services that we provide. I love the start-to-finish. Everybody’s pretty grateful when you come and clean, but one time we cleaned a lady’s office and she actually started crying, and that just blessed me. I thought, man, we are in the right business.

How has owning an Office Pride added to your life?
I have had some longer days, particularly after buying the Birmingham territory a month ago. But it added flexibility, and it allowed me the ability to get out and live my life. God just blessed me with the ability to balance everything. From a financial standpoint, it’s been good for us. From a learning standpoint, it’s been good for us. From a systems standpoint, it’s been great for us. It is allowing us a future that we knew we could have, but we weren’t sure how to get there.

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