5 Great Reasons to Join the Office Pride Cleaning Franchise

The Office Pride cleaning franchise is a growing brand in a $78 billion industry. The businesses are inexpensive to start and enjoy huge growth potential.


The Office Pride cleaning franchise has grown into an internationally acclaimed business with more than 100 franchisees who serve thousands of offices, warehouses, medical facilities and other workplaces throughout the United States. The 20-year-old brand is consistently named a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine, which also calls it a top low-cost franchise and a top home-based franchise.

Why are they so complimentary of our cleaning franchise? They understand the value we offer to franchisees thanks to our business model; our systems for marketing, our sales and training; and our commitment to faith-based principles.

Here are 5 great reasons you should consider joining Office Pride:

The commercial cleaning industry is huge

The commercial cleaning industry generates $78 billion in sales every year. That’s a number that shocks a lot of people, but it shouldn’t. There are millions of workplaces that need to be regularly cleaned – banks, offices, stores, warehouses, restaurants and schools, just to name a few. Office Pride owners connect with property owners and property managers and sign contracts to provide ongoing cleaning services.

Low investment, high opportunity

You can start an Office Pride franchise with as little as $15,000 in liquid capital. Total startup costs for the franchise range from $51,400 to $99,000, and our average franchise revenue was $234,428, according to our 2013 franchise disclosure document. That’s just the average. Our top franchisee generated more than $1.7 million in sales in 2013. Since Office Pride is an excellent home-based business, high revenue can be accomplished from your home office, which keeps overhead low.

Commitment to faith-based principles

Office Pride is a faith-based business that is committed to following Christian principles in the way we do business. For instance, if we tell a customer that we will deliver a service at a certain price, we stick to it because our word is our promise. We pay employees more than the minimum wage because we want to lift them up. We also believe in treating everyone with respect. Office Pride is a business that makes a positive difference in many lives.

You can control your destiny

Many of our competitors in the commercial cleaning industry insist on handling sales on behalf of franchisees. Franchisees become order-takers or become cleaners themselves, rather than operating as owners of a growing business. Office Pride trains its franchisees to make sales and allows them to develop their own roots in the market. Rather than spend most of their time cleaning, our franchisees spend their time networking, signing contracts and hiring people to provide services.

The business is simple to grow

Office Pride has developed systems that help you market your business, make sales and quickly train new employees as you grow. As you sign more contracts for cleaning, you are able to expand at whatever pace you are comfortable. Because it is a home-based business, you can easily add second, third or fourth franchise locations at an affordable rate.

Learn more about Office Pride

If you want to learn more about the Office Pride franchise opportunity, download a free copy of our Franchise Information Report. The report includes franchisee reviews of Office Pride, information about our competitive advantages, information about startup costs, management team bios and more. Once you’ve downloaded the report, we’ll be in touch to answer any other questions you may have!

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