Why Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise’s Customer Retention Rate is Soaring

As the most advanced commercial cleaning franchise, Office Pride knows how to keep customers happy

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise trains franchisees to go the extra mile.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise trains franchisees to go the extra mile.

Owning an Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise means taking customer service and personal values seriously. That’s because happy, satisfied customers and employees are what drive business growth, a difference our franchisees have experienced firsthand.

By sticking to our faith-based values – and training franchisees how to deliver just a little more than the customers expect – we help people build businesses that are profitable and ethical at the same time.

Our core values matter

As a faith-based commercial cleaning franchise, we’re committed to honoring God through our business. And our franchisees, no matter what their personal faith, are committed to honoring our Biblical standards of service, including:

Respect. At Office Pride, respecting clients and employees is central to our business model. First and foremost, our franchisees understand the importance of demonstrating respect and accountability to clients. It’s one of the things that makes us stand out from less reliable commercial cleaning services, helping our owners increase client retention and satisfaction.

Since everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, we treat our workers with the same respect we give our highest-paying clients. And, we incentivize workers, helping lift up employees so they can achieve their financial goals.

In addition, Office Pride owners mentor employees, providing guidance that makes their lives better. Why? Because our franchisees truly care about people, and they know that taking care of employees is the only way to achieve both stability and success in business.

Hard Work. Working hard to achieve total customer satisfaction is a key driver of Office Pride franchisee profits. We pay extra attention to customer service because that’s what creates happy clients and glowing referrals, which drives our franchisees’ profitability.

How do we do that? We do a little more on each visit than our clients are expecting. For example, we encourage franchisees to train employees to do one extra thing on every job, whether that means polishing the doorknobs, dusting the lamps or wiping down a dirty trash can.

Office Pride has developed superior systems over the years that help our franchisees maintain an edge over the competition, such as our unique color-coded cleaning system that ensures the appropriate products are used in the right places to eliminate cross-contamination between restrooms and other areas. We also show franchisees how to accommodate individual clients’ needs and preferences, helping provide that attention to detail that will grow their business and increase profitability.

Integrity. Operating on Biblical principles means conducting all business dealings with integrity. That means always being honest, always doing what is right and persevering with a servant’s attitude.

From the beginning, Office Pride founder Todd Hopkins set out to create not the biggest, but the best commercial cleaning franchise system that helps people achieve their dreams while glorifying God.

Our franchise owners have discovered that our focus on integrity gives them a significant edge over their competitors and impresses clients at the same time. Always taking the high road with customers, employees and vendors means creating a high level of trust, which in turn helps build a business that delivers steady profits over the long run.

Profitability and ethics

Maintaining a strong commitment to these core values is what has helped Office Pride build one of the most respected commercial cleaning franchise systems in the country. In fact, Franchise Business Review included Office Pride in its Top 50 ranking for 2014 based on franchisee satisfaction.

Why are our owners so happy? Our respect for our franchisees means we give them the tools they need to be successful, including proven systems for management, training, operations and sales that eliminate the need for previous commercial cleaning experience.

More than that, we work hard to give our franchisees ongoing support to grow their businesses, support that includes online peer groups where they can talk with other owners about challenges and discuss best practices. All so they can get the kind of relevant advice and problem-solving techniques they need to ramp up their revenues.

We believe going the extra mile for customers is an important part of a business-building strategy. By doing everything we can to encourage franchisee growth and profitability, we cultivate a climate of owners who embrace that belief, too.

With a low cost of entry, a high degree of scalability and a recession-resistant business model that works in any market, our franchisees are poised to make the most of a $78 billion industry that’s only continuing to grow.

Learn more about Office Pride

Would you like to learn more about opportunities with Office Pride? Check out our research pages, then fill out the form on the right to download our free franchise report or call us at 317-738-9280.

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