Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise Elevates Peer Groups

Commercial cleaning franchise peer groups aim to increase individual franchisee revenue

Office Pride franchisees support one another through monthly online peer groups and at regular conferences, like this one in Nashville in September 2013.

Office Pride franchisees support one another through monthly online peer groups and at regular conferences, like this one in Nashville in September 2013.

Office Pride is often considered the most advanced commercial cleaning franchise in the industry. We have better systems and better customer support, and that helps us compare favorably to other franchise options. One of the things that sets us apart is our peer groups.

Although Office Pride, like any good franchise, offers ongoing corporate support, it also provides an extra layer of support for franchisees through peer groups. Once a month, groups of seven or eight franchisees from around the country get together online to share ideas. Each group has a moderator to help guide the discussion.


Office Pride founder and CEO Todd Hopkins moderates a peer group himself for Office Pride franchisees.

“We have our corporate staff moderating the calls; I moderate three groups myself,” says Office Pride founder and CEO Todd Hopkins. “We have a two-hour online meeting. They get to know each other in a really close way. They share the ups and downs of being business owners, they talk about best practices, and when they’re stuck on something, they talk each other through different situations.”

The peer groups offer a very structured way to get over the hurdles that every new business owner faces. This is a piece of the puzzle that makes you more money.

“Peer groups are considered a best practice in the franchise industry. When small groups of franchise owners meet on regular basis and discuss sales, challenges and best practices, it’s a wonderful way to improve the learning curve,” says Joe Mathews, founding partner of the consulting firm Franchise Performance Group.

“In a peer group, you’re more likely to judge something relevant because your neighbor is in the trenches fighting the same battles. That’s why peer groups are so effective – they really put the cookies on a low shelf. The same information coming from a support or sales person might come across as an order or an edict.”

As the owner and manager of your own business, imagine the competitive advantage you could gain if you could freely examine the best practices of your competitors. As an Office Pride Commercial Cleaning franchise owner, you can’t exactly look at the direct competitors in your market, but you can regularly brainstorm with a half-dozen others who face the same challenges as you.

Office Pride offers moderated peer groups for its franchise owners, encouraging a camaraderie among owners from different markets who are all facing the same challenges and pressures, both professionally and in terms of work-life balance, allowing them to improve each other’s businesses and gain the upper hand over the local competition.

The goal of the peer groups is to allow franchisees to get good input from one another and help each other out. As he does with all his meetings for the Biblical-based commercial cleaning franchise, Todd starts each peer group session with a devotional. Every session is structured to cover not just business but spiritual, physical and family aspects of every franchisee’s life – “all the areas that are important to having a well-balanced life,” Todd says.

Every member of the peer group gets a few minutes to talk about their issues, share their goals and talk about what they’re doing in their franchise. In addition to providing a support system, the peer group also establishes accountability. If franchisees know they have to share their progress on goals with their peers, that can keep them motivated.

Fred Paris, who owns a franchise in Franklin, Ind., loves being part of his peer group.

“Office Pride seems to attract a very trustworthy group of people who will do anything to help one another out,” he says. “We’re working together to build a good franchise and a good system. You go online once a month for a few hours. We have a little bit of devotional time to be sure we’re right with God, and then we help one another solve problems.”

Todd, who started Office Pride in 1992, says he had always been part of a business peer group himself and knew how valuable they could be. While Office Pride had always encouraged its franchisees to join peer groups as well, they became an official part of the Office Pride structure three or four years ago at the urging of some area developers.

The end result, not surprisingly, has been a positive one. The Office Pride franchisees who participate in the peer groups are getting a lot of benefit from joining forces with other franchisees.

“We definitely have learned that peer groups and business growth are correlated,” Todd says. “Franchisees who are involved in peer groups are the ones who are growing the most. They’re not just working in their business, they’re working on their business.”

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