Office Pride Franchise Review: Kevin Scott, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Chance to be his own boss with an Office Pride franchise led former tech worker to greater career satisfaction.

kevinscotteditedKevin Scott walked away from a successful career with one of the largest shipping companies in the world because he wanted the chance to own his own company. Choosing an Office Pride franchise meant he didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, but instead could invest in a proven system with plenty of support. Now, more than two years after buying his Office Pride franchise, the 47-year-old has seven employees and finds his greatest satisfaction comes from employing others and helping them to support themselves. When he’s not working on growing his business, he likes to travel with his wife and three children (London is a favorite destination) as well as keep fit through swimming and hiking.

What were you doing before you owned an Office Pride franchise?
I was director of IT for the international shipping company Maersk Line.

How did you find out about Office Pride?
About three years ago, when I wanted to leave my corporate job, the market was bad, and real estate had really bottomed out. I knew I wanted to get into something that wouldn’t take that kind of dive, especially since it wasn’t clear that the bad times were over; there was a real fear of a double-dip recession. As I read more about the cleaning industry, it appealed to me. I started out reading articles online about franchising, and then as I got interested in cleaning, I found magazines and online sites specifically about the cleaning industry. I looked up the different cleaning franchises, and checked out the profiles of their management teams. And then I did some research online to learn about reputations of the different companies. Even though Office Pride cost more than some other franchises to start, it seemed like they had a better system, and the more I found out about them, the more comfortable I was with their approach to business.

How does your faith affect the way you run your business?
I’m Southern Baptist, so the fact that Office Pride is based on Biblical principles had a lot to do with my decision to join. It’s about always trying to do right, even if that isn’t always the best for the business. For example, it might be better for the business to pay its employees the least amount, but that isn’t fair. At Office Pride, it’s about a fair wage for a day’s work.

officeprideteamworkWith a faith-based business, how have you used your business to support your faith?
I always tell my customers that we are there to serve. It’s about having the servant mentality. I see it as working hand-in-hand, where my business supports my faith and my faith supports the business.

Do you do any of the cleaning yourself?
When I first started out I did, but not really much anymore. I still will when I need to fill in for someone, but that doesn’t happen much.

How long have you been a franchisee?
Two and one-half years.

How many contracts/employees do you have?
I have seven employees and 30 contracts.

How important is it to have cleaning experience before joining Office Pride?
I didn’t have any cleaning experience, except for what I did at home. I am a little bit of a neat freak, but I hadn’t done any commercial cleaning. It’s more important to be willing to do whatever it takes to learn. I do think every owner should learn how to clean so he can effectively train anyone he hires.

What do you like about being a franchise owner?
That the concept is already there for you and you can utilize it for a lot of help if you run across things you don’t know. You can always call around to other franchise owners and get help. As a business startup, that’s a huge advantage. Also, the materials for advertising are already done, and there are discounts on supplies.

What sets Office Pride apart?
Integrity. When I was looking around at franchise opportunities, I didn’t see any complaints about Office Pride. And when I started to talk to them, the friendliness of the people made a big difference.

How large is the opportunity to grow with Office Pride?
You can grow as big as you want to grow; it’s really up to you. I don’t feel like Office Pride pushes you to grow, they let you operate on your own schedule. If you want to grow, they will be there to help with advice on how to improve sales. But it’s still up to the individual owner. There’s a lot of competition in this industry, but there’s also a lot of business.

What kind of businesses do you service?
Hair salons, massage studios, the Mexican consulate, the California Highway Patrol Credit Union, office space for aerospace industry workers, a vitamin maker – it really varies.

What attracts customers to Office Pride rather than its competitors?
My customers tell me they like the concept of Office Pride being a faith-based company, and they like what they stand for. They’ve also said they choose me because of my attention to detail. And they trust me. They have to, as they are handing over the keys and the security codes to their buildings. I’m upfront with them and deliver exactly what we agree on.

What does your typical day look like?
It’s really great, because I’m able to focus on running the business, rather than out there cleaning. I work from home and spend my time trying to keep costs down – I’m looking at payroll, looking at the time logs, seeing how to increase revenue. I’ll also do inspections of buildings, to make sure everything is getting done the way I’ve said it would get done. And I’m checking email all day long, as well as being on the phone with customers to make sure they’re happy. Right now, I’m trying to do more telemarketing and doing more with my website, to try and build the business.

What kind of person do you think would enjoy owning an Office Pride franchise?
The number one quality is someone who is committed to running a business. You don’t necessarily need to know how to clean, and you don’t have to have all this business know-how, but you have to want to own your own business and have the drive to make it work.

What does franchise ownership allow you to do in your personal life that you couldn’t before?
For me, it’s about making a difference in someone else’s life, giving them a paycheck. There’s so much satisfaction in employing people and making a difference in their lives. I could never see myself going back to working 9-to-5 for someone else.

Would you recommend an Office Pride franchise to someone else?
I definitely would. I made the right choice in choosing this company and I would love to bring other people on board.

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Office Pride’s commitment to Christian principles and our 20-plus years of business savvy have helped us build a profitable franchise company with more than 100 franchisees across the country. We are expanding our reach even farther across the U.S. and Canada. In the $78 billion commercial cleaning industry, there’s still plenty of room to grow.

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