How Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise Employees Affect Earnings

Who Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise owners hire can give their bottom line a boost.

officeprideworkersWhen you go shopping, you have a choice: You can go to a store where they don’t bother to greet you, they don’t stock the brands you love, and they always make you feel like you’re interrupting. Or you can go to the store where you know you’ll be greeted with a smile, you can find the brands you want and people will go out of their way to make you feel like your business is really appreciated. The choice is a no-brainer. The right employees make all the difference in your shopping experience, and the same holds true in most businesses.

At Office Pride, we know that the people franchise owners hire directly affect customer satisfaction, and that has a tremendous impact on their bottom line. In turn, we know Office Pride can have a tremendous impact on the people we hire by helping them improve their lives. As a company that’s based on Biblical principles, our mission is to serve others. As a commercial cleaning franchise, it’s our goal to be profitable and help our franchisees be as successful as possible. By helping franchisees hire the right people, we can achieve both objectives.

Commercial cleaning is an industry fraught with high turnover among employees. That’s why Office Pride tries to achieve a more stable workforce. We have proven systems in place to help our franchisees hire the kind of workers who will be an asset to their business, helping them achieve higher earnings.

The ideal Office Pride worker is someone who has a full-time day job and is looking for extra income to meet a particular need in their life. Perhaps they’re putting kids through college or they need to pay off a second mortgage. Maybe they need another family car or have to pay down a large debt. When they have full-time day jobs, they already have a proven track record of stability and dependability. That’s the person we want working for Office Pride.

“When franchisees do their homework by talking to references and doing background checks, they can hire the right people,” says Office Pride CEO Todd Hopkins.

A commercial cleaning franchise with heart

But that’s just the beginning. Once they find the right person, the franchise owner must train them and motivate them to get excited about how Office Pride serves customers and puts their needs first. Our company embraces Christian values, so everyone – from customers and vendors to employees and franchisees – is treated with the same respect. When well-trained, motivated employees are treated respectfully, they’re going to do a great job week after week, keeping customers happy with a consistent level of quality cleaning. That keeps our customers coming back, and it helps build our reputation one exemplary job at a time.

“It is when franchisees have engaged, efficient, caring employees who take ‘pride’ in their work, that the employees really contribute to the franchisee’s bottom line in a significant way,” Todd says. “Mainly because employee turnover is lower, which reduces training time and expenses. Plus, customers are happy and franchisees are able to grow their business.”

officepride-employeeFollowing the proven Office Pride systems for hiring and training new employees is a win-win for everyone. Franchisees realize higher earnings, employees take home the much-needed extra paycheck and customers are happy – so they keep coming back.

When he founded Office Pride in 1992, Todd knew there was a right way and a wrong way to do things. He did his homework and built a company from the ground up that would glorify God and serve man at the same time.

Office Pride’s commitment to Christian principles and our 20-plus years of business savvy have helped us build a profitable franchise company with nearly 100 franchisees across the country. The company was founded on the building blocks of honesty, integrity and hard work, and we still hold those values dear today.

Learn more about starting an Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise

Would you like to learn more about the $78 billion commercial cleaning industry and Office Pride’s role in it? There are many franchising opportunities available as we expand across the United States and Canada. Please take a look at our website’s research pages, fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report or give us a call at 727-491-5125. We’d love to start a conversation!


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