Office Pride Franchise Garners Praise From Work Ethic Expert Eric Chester


Commercial cleaning franchise stands for honesty, integrity and hard work

A well-crafted statement reflects the company’s goals as well as its reason for being; it lights the way for a company’s future. We have stayed true to the beliefs espoused in our mission statement, and it’s always gratifying when someone outside the industry takes notice.

Eric-and-Todd1Author, blogger and work ethic expert Eric Chester met with founder and CEO Todd Hopkins recently and, after reviewing our company’s mission statement, was inspired to write a blog post about on his website, In “The Power of a Bold Company Mission Statement and Core Values Decree,” Eric wrote, in part:

I recently presented at the annual convention for Office Pride, a growing franchisor of commercial office cleaning service providers. To help me better understand the culture of the organization and prepare my keynote address, Todd Hopkins, the founder and CEO, sent me the purpose, mission, and core values of Office Pride.

At first review, one could easily see that this was a company deeply rooted in faith-based Biblical principles. Todd makes no secret of what his company stands for, why it is in business, and how each and every important decision will be determined.

And if you spent 5 minutes with Todd, you’d easily be able to match the OFFICE PRIDE logo to their values and principles, as stated below:

Our Purpose
To equip people to build a profitable business that glorifies God.

Our Mission
The mission of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is to honor and glorify God by building mutually beneficial relationships with customers, employees, vendors, and franchisees and fulfilling our promise of providing top quality janitorial services through men and women committed to honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Our Core Beliefs and Values

  • Honor God
  • Always do what is right
  • Increase brand value
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Go the extra mile
  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude
  • Accountability to Commitments

These aren’t just aspirational words written on the wall of a corporate office. This is the overarching umbrella of principles that aligns the owners, leaders, managers, and front line employees of this company. It’s also there credo and a call to action.

Each of the convention days begins with an optional morning devotional that draws near-perfect attendance. Every learning session begins with prayer, and anytime the group is together, Todd asks for someone to recite the Office Pride mission statement. (He rewards them with a $100 bill on-the-spot if they get it right.)

Office Pride doesn’t mind playing the tortoise in the franchise race. They’re not trying to be the biggest, but they are determined to be the very best in the field of commercial cleaning. And their franchisees’ willingness to adhere to and demonstrate the company’s mission and core values has given Office Pride a rich history of steady growth, even through turbulent economic times.

When carefully written and well constructed, mission statements and core values can be a critical component of success to an organization. However, if they are not routinely recited, reviewed and, most importantly-used as the preeminent guide to making difficult but crucial decisions, they are of little or no value.

My hat is off to Office Pride for creating and promoting foundational statements that are bold, unique, and distinguishable. While their purpose, mission, and values don’t appeal to everyone, they are the primary reason their customers, franchise partners, and employees seek them out and engage with them.”

Office Pride has more than 100 franchises across the country, and we are actively seeking franchisees who share our values. As our mission statement makes evident, Office Pride is a business you can be proud to put your name behind, and you can rest assured that Office Pride is committed to the success of the franchisee.

We treat everyone with respect, from our customers and vendors to our franchisees and employees. What that means for customers is that when we make a promise, we deliver. We won’t start out doing a great job and then slack off as time goes by. We won’t leave tasks unfinished, and we won’t leave customer complaints unresolved.

Would you like to learn more about Office Pride franchising opportunities? Just fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report or give us a call at 727-491-5125. We’d love to start a conversation!

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