Why Office Pride is a Green Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Office Pride may be perfect for anyone seeking a low-cost franchise with environmentally friendly options

op-cleaningfloorWe have earned our reputation over the last two decades as the commercial cleaning franchise that cares, and that means we also deserve our reputation as a green commercial cleaning franchise that cares. Office Pride cares about our customers, our franchisees, our employees – and the environment.

Office Pride is sensitive to customers to who want to put the environment first. We offer a Green Cleaning package that employs different cleaning chemicals, different equipment and even different processes. As green technologies have advanced over the years, Office Pride has been able to adopt the latest developments for the benefit of clients who prefer a commercial cleaning business to be environmentally friendly.

“When green cleaning was trying to launch 10 years ago, it was a more expensive proposition,” says Office Pride founder and CEO Todd Hopkins. “The chemicals were more expensive; the equipment was more expensive. As a result, it didn’t take off like it could have. Customers would ask about it, and it would cost more than our regular cleaning package and they’d decide not to do it.

“Now, the green chemical prices are down, and combined with our purchasing power, we can offer green cleaning for almost the same price as normal cleaning.”

That sort of flexibility can mean a larger customer base for our franchisees, increasing their potential for revenue.

Here’s what franchisees should know about our Green Cleaning services:

eco-friendlyImproving the indoor environmental quality affects the workplace. Office Pride understands that both cleaning chemicals and processes affect the indoor environment of a facility. Research shows that improving the environmental quality indoors increases employee performance and productivity, lowers absenteeism and helps reduce building-related health concerns.

Different equipment is used. Not only do we use non-toxic chemicals in our Green Cleaning service, we use different equipment including microfiber mops and cloths, high filtration vacuums and specialized vacuum attachments.

We handle special requests. Office Pride offers green cleaning for carpets, restrooms, upholstery, mini-blinds, floors, windows and anything else clients need.

“In some places, green cleaning is required now – there are certain types of facilities and some government buildings that demand it,” Hopkins says. “We have special training and a Green Cleaning line of products we’ve approved for franchisees to use.”

Office Pride makes it easy for franchisees, whether they want to concentrate on the environmentally friendlier option in their business overall or simply offer that option if they have customers who require it.

Would you like to learn more about Office Pride franchising opportunities? Just fill out the form at right to download our free franchise report or give us a call at 727-491-5125. We’d love to start a conversation!

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