Why the Commercial Cleaning Industry Has Room for You

Office Pride franchise is staking its claim on cleaning up America’s commercial spaces

The recession hit a lot of people hard. Businesses were lost. People were laid off. Expenses went up while salaries went down. America is in recovery, but there’s no telling whether the economy will ever be what it once was. Conversely, that makes this an exciting time to start your own business.


Imagine being your own boss. Not having to depend on corporate whims or the ups and downs of the stock market for your salary. It’s a great concept, but you also want to be able to weather any economic storm – because you know those aren’t over for good. You want a business where the hours are flexible and the promise of work is steady and reliable. Commercial cleaning is a $78 billion-a-year industry, and while nothing is recession-proof, it’s certainly fair to call it recession-resistant.

Even when people are cutting back staff and other expenses, they need to maintain clean workspaces. Churches, banks, warehouses, retail spaces, medical facilities and office buildings all need someone to clean. Whether you live in a small town or a booming metropolis, we can almost guarantee you’ll find someone who needs Office Pride’s services. We help our franchisees learn how to sell accounts, if they wish, and we can also sell accounts for them. We don’t underbid accounts and resell them to other franchisees later, an industry practice that some have employed, even though it is frowned upon.

At Office Pride, our focus is on integrity. Our company was founded on Christian principles, and we even have a Foundation Bible Verse: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

What that means for customers is that when we make a promise, we deliver. We won’t start out doing a great job and then slack off as time goes by. We won’t leave tasks unfinished, and we won’t leave customer complaints unresolved.

officepridehandshakeWhat it means for our employees is that they can expect to be paid a fair wage and be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone deserves that, from the CEO to the guy scrubbing the toilets.

And what it means for our franchisees is that they can invest in a business they will be proud to put their name behind. They can trust that Office Pride is committed to the success of the franchisee, because at Office Pride, we know we’re not successful unless our franchisees are successful. And they can grow as big or stay as small as they want to, however it best suits life’s purpose and God’s plan for them.

Yes, prayer and The Word matter to us, but your church membership – or lack thereof – doesn’t. Office Pride doesn’t require anyone to check off a box saying they belong to a particular religion or denomination; we only require that you embrace our company’s values and promise to operate your business based on those principles. We have some 100 franchisees operating their own Office Pride businesses across the country, and our company is growing.

If Office Pride’s Bible-based business philosophy sounds like it’s up your alley, we hope you’ll investigate us further to see if we’re a good fit for you. Contact Office Pride at 727-491-5125 or fill out the form at right. We’d love to hear from you!

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