Office Pride eliminates the need for cleaning experience

Many franchise businesses are looking for people with a very particular skill set – a coffee shop franchise might want someone who has worked as a barista; an auto repair franchise prefers someone with a lot of knowledge about cars; a hotel chain is probably looking for someone with a background of hotel employment.

The Office Pride Tampa Bay team at their Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

The Office Pride Tampa Bay team at their ribbon-cutting ceremony.

At Office Pride, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever picked up a duster or know one end of a vacuum cleaner from another. We have developed a specific cleaning regimen over our 20-plus years in business that includes a daily checklist for each job, and we do believe our methods are superior to the competition. We provide industry recognized, high quality equipment with our franchise package, and we teach you how to use it. Cleaning the Office Pride way is a highly trainable skill and we train our franchisees well so that they can train their managers and employees.

Even when franchisees come to us with a background in commercial cleaning – perhaps they’ve been running their own operation, or maybe they’ve worked for others and are ready to take on their own business – we retrain them to clean the proven Office Pride way. Part of our corporate culture is making sure our customers remain satisfied and that we clean their offices and work spaces with the same quality and attention to detail every time. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you’ve never cleaned professionally, and don’t worry if cleaning isn’t really your thing. Office Pride could still be the perfect franchise for you.

Franchisee backgrounds

Management experience is important. You’ll be working in an industry with notoriously high employee turnover rates, and it’s important to know how to manage a transient staff. At Office Pride, franchisees are trained to find, hire and motivate the best. Someone with management experience, regardless of the field, will be able to rely on his or her experiences and gut feeling when it comes to knowing the right hiring and management decisions to make.

officepridelobbyOffice Pride franchisees come from all walks of life. Our franchisee family includes people from such varied sectors as auto manufacturing, banking, medical services, insurance, IT, ministry, health care, real estate and many come straight from serving our country in the armed forces. What they had in common was a desire to own their own business and a belief in the Office Pride core values. We talk a lot about faith in this business and that might intimidate some people. What is most important to us is that you embrace our core values.

Our Office Pride staff is dedicated to supporting the success of our franchisees. We provide a week of training on the front end, followed by staff visits to continue franchisee training in their local market, working with their clients. And while we believe in running our business on solid biblical principles, we don’t require that our franchisees have any specific faith background – as long as you share our core values.

We want someone whose background and experience have taught them that the most important thing about running a business is to run it with honesty and integrity. If you bring your passion for service, your business acumen and the desire to succeed, we’ll teach you everything else you need to know.

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