Starting an Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise is both affordable and easy to launch.

A commercial cleaning business sounds deceptively simple. You need a rag, a mop and a bucket, some retail cleaning supplies and maybe an employee to help you and very little else, right? While you could start a commercial cleaning business that way, you would have bought yourself a job and probably become a janitor.

At Office Pride, we’d want to set you up for success as the owner of a business you manage and grow and work on, not in. We have a proven business model that has made our franchisees successful over the past 25 years.

Office Pride support works with every franchisee to make sure they have a full understanding of what it takes to succeed in the commercial cleaning business and the support to accomplish that.

On average, the startup cost for an Office Pride franchise is $59,500 – $107,200, which includes additional working capital. Here’s how it breaks down as shown in our FDD Item 7:

Type of ExpenditureAmountTo Whom Payment is to be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$35,000Office Pride
Leasehold Improvements$0Not Applicable
Signs/Vehicle Wraps$0Approved Suppliers
Cleaning Equipment, Supplies, Materials and Ancillary Goods$3,000 - $7,000Approved Suppliers
Office Equipment and Supplies$500 - $3,500Approved Suppliers
Computer System$0 - $1,500Third Parties
Insurance$600 - $2,000Insurance down payment to Insurance Company
Other Deposits$100 - $2,700Estimated for leased equipment, telephone, utilities, vehicle, etc.
Professional Fees$200 - $2,000For accountants and lawyers
Training Expenses$0 - $2,100Estimated expenses for attending initial training; i.e., travel and hotel expenses
Licenses and/or Bonds$100 - $300Fees paid to government agencies and/or insurance or bonding companies
Additional Funds (3 -6 months)$20,000 - $51,100Needed for various operating expenses like payroll, supplies, bank fees, etc. and is dependent on how fast you grow
Total$59,500 - $107,200

There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting a business. You need a set amount of capital, but you also need personal / family living expenses to carry you for a number of months until your business can achieve break even with an owners salary included.

At Office Pride, it’s our responsibility to make sure you know all of that going in. We want to make sure you grow. After all, your growth is our growth. So once you provide the startup capital, we make sure you have the ongoing training and support you need to achieve your growth goals.

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