Office Pride’s Franchise Business Model Can Help you Achieve Your Goals

Franchise Business Model The franchise business model Office Pride uses for our commercial cleaning franchise opportunities is a one-of-a-kind system that helps franchisees efficiently meet their professional goals. When you join the Office Pride family, we don’t simply have you sign paperwork and send you on your way. We welcome you with open arms into our family of honest and hard-working business owners who hold integrity and respect in the highest regards.

Like all of our franchisees, you will participate in the Office Pride Business System:

  • Franchise Vision Plan (FVP) – The Office Pride Business System begins with the FVP. The purpose of the FVP is to provide a road map to obtaining your personal and professional goals. This detailed description gives clarity to the “big picture” details to help ensure there’s a synergy between your short-term and long-term goals.
  • FasTrack to Profit (FasTrack) – This program maps out important financial milestones and the strategy to get to profitability as fast as possible. We define profitability as earnings that exceed business expenses including an owner’s salary.
  • Lead Generation Action Plan (L-GAP) – Your top priority on day one is to get a customer. Unless you are filling your pipeline with leads, this won’t happen. L-GAP is the sales, networking, and marketing activities necessary to efficiently and effectively market Office Pride within your local territory.
  • Customer Development System (CDS) – Our unique customer development system allows you to maximize each step of the sales process to ensure you are converting the highest possible number of leads to profitable, long-term customers.
  • Operations Management System (OMS) – Managing operations in a growing janitorial business can be an overwhelming task, which is why we developed our OMS. This system overcomes many of the common challenges of day-to-day operations, which allows you to spend more time focusing on growing your business. Through in-depth initial training followed by hands-on training from Certified Trainers in your territory, you’ll learn all about operations management. Additionally, Office Pride University, online forums, peer groups, business coaching, and many other support tools are available through OMS to help make operations management as uncomplicated as possible.
  • Tech Advantage (The Vine) – Office Pride values being up to date on the best technology available to ensure that we are on the leading edge. As a franchisee of Office Pride, you’ll have access to The Vine, our proprietary web-based intranet, which is a platform to connect with owners throughout the country as well as a central repository of information. Through The Vine, you’ll be able to access the Sales Amplifier, a full CRM to help manage and grow customer sales. The Vine also hosts Office Pride University courses, an internet forum, and social media that only Office Pride owners have access to.

Our franchise business model isn’t the only reason why our franchise opportunities stand out from others. We are a nationwide, faith-based commercial cleaning company that was founded in 1992. There are over 120 Office Pride franchisees throughout the United States who are all a part of the growing $78 billion commercial cleaning industry – a recession-resistant field of work.

If you would like to learn more about our franchise business model and how you can become an Office Pride franchisee, contact us today.

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